London based alt-pop quartet, Dahlia Sleeps, have just released their much-anticipated EP via Beatnik CreativeLove, Lost is a stunning seven track journey through human emotion.

Recorded and produced in the band’s own basement studio in South London, the EP navigates themes that touch on struggle, intimacy, and defiance. Deeply emotive, the subject matters are all exquisitely wrapped within swirling, atmospheric, and soothing pop music.

Opening with its lead single, ‘Storm’ – keyboardist and producer Luke Hester‘s haunting, skeletal electronic production, paired with singer Lucy Hill’s delicate, soulful vocal form quite the partnership. Complemented by reverb-laden, lilting guitars and atmospheric electronics, ‘Storm’ sets the tone beautifully for the rest of the EP.

“It feeds into a project that is all about seeking truth and honesty and putting it on record – whether that be grief, anger, love,” explains Hill. “Often things that have been left dormant and unresolved.”

As Love, Lost begins to unfold, it becomes clear the band want to take you on a journey; they want to tell you a story, “I’ve been reading a tonne of poetry in the last year or so and that’s massively inspired me,” continues Hill. “When you’re telling a story that’s important to you, each word has to count for something. I think that philosophy runs through everything we’ve created on the EP.”

Drawing comparisons with London Grammar, The XX, Daughter and Cat Power – the band have now solidified their very own sound on Love, Lost – a release which feels considered, painstakingly thought out, and carefully executed.

Love, Lost is out now via Beatnik Creative.

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