DJ Haus returns to Rinse to release his new album, Artificial Intelligence, less than 12 months after his debut LP, Unknown To The Unknown.

Throughout this album, DJ Haus splices together a broad range of sounds from the traditionally electronic to the more ethereal and melodic to create his unmistakably unique hybrid music, and Artificial Intelligence is no exception.

Opening with the kind of vocal chorus more typically found in the boss levels of a nineties JRPG, you can be forgiven for thinking that Artificial Intelligence is immediately reminiscent of something from  the vapourwave movement. Especially as the visuals of a 3D net art man running along the ocean floor, before ascending to sail on a sea of molten silver, does give the impression that this is an intentional nod to the seapunk subculture which eventually evolved into vapourwave.

However, as the figure sails away and the chimes kick in over the electronic dance beat, it becomes clear why DJ Haus has a reputation for creating hard hitting, edgy club anthems that leave a lasting effect on the dancefloor. It is this innovative combination of diverse elements that makes DJ Haus’ signature hybrid sound, which is somehow both retro and futuristic at once.

As the video – by Dennis Vera & Mattematrix – progresses the 3D figure stumbles across a club scene populated by  convulsing figures, this time resembling the work of artist, Keith Haring, in what is this time perhaps a nod to the 1980’s, a golden age of acid rave which is clearly among the huge pool of inspirations that have influenced DJ Haus and his style.

Finally, the video ends with the focus shifting away from the figure and instead onto the DJ, who following the futuristic theme, blasts off on a drone to surf a vortex in outer space, alone. A perfect allegory for this far out track, on a far out album and the fact that DJ Haus is like nothing else on the London club scene right now.

Artificial Intelligence is out now and available to stream/buy HERE.

Upcoming Tour Dates

11 – Welly Club, Hull, UK
18 – Nouveau Casino, Paris, FR
19 – Schwarzes Herz, Graz, AT
25 – Yaki, Gothenburg, SE
26 – Mono, Brighton, UK

03 – Klub Kocka, Split, CRO
09 – La Belle Angels, Edinburgh, UK
16 – Soup Kitchen, Manchester, UK
17 – Nummer Zu Platz, Bielefeld, GER
31 – Warehouse Project, Manchester UK

14 – Panorama Bar, Berlin, GER


Words: Jeanette Franks