Festival Style @ Groove de Lecq 2015

Groove de Lecq returned to the Isle of Jersey this summer, and after a sell-out two years, expanded into the neighbouring woodland area owned by Le Moulin de Lecq.

The not-for-profit ‘Charity Festival’, founded by Beth Gallichan in 2012, focuses on promoting local talent across six stages; including the Main Stage, an acoustic Saloon Bar, sand filled Reggae Shack and TV Stage featuring kid’s theatre and open mic. Sponsors, iQ Applestore, teamed up with Gallery Magazine to host an 80’s Silent Disco, while stalls supporting local produce and some of Jersey’s most innovative and creative entrepreneurs featured alongside interactive art installations.

This year, Groove de Lecq, which is ethically produced by a team of volunteers, raised a phenomenal £40,000 for Autism Jersey – amazing!

Local online vintage fashion retailer, Luella Rockerfella’s Lauren Burnett, was there to check out the style among festival goers. Check out her report below…

Street Style @ Groove de Lecq Festival 2015

Steph Sharman, 32 | Harriet Reid, 19

Left | Name Steph Sharman Age 32
Fashion Inspiration “I always wear dark colours especially black, I’m loving black and white, love black leather skirts, and dogtooth prints. Autumn is going to be gothic and dramatic, I can’t wait. I really like what Kendall Jenner is wearing on the catwalks, especially when she walks for Chanel.”

Steph bought her Motel Rocks smock tie-dye dress from my online shop. It was a best seller and a sell-out; perfect festival wear – looseness for comfort yet cut out for detail on the shoulders for sassiness. Steph teamed the Savannah dress perfectly with silver metallic chunky sandals and a suede tasselled tan-brown bag, tassels are a trend going into autumn as well.

Right | Name Harriet Reid Age 19
Fashion Inspiration “What most drives my fashion decisions is comfort, yet I like to dress pretty, my look is more bohemian grunge. I like to look on social media apps such as Pinterest to get different ideas.”

Harriet’s baby blue, 60s inspired, daisy print shift dress with zip details reminded me of something Sienna Miller once wore. Teamed with chunky boots gave it that grunge edge. The oversized blue toned kimono matched the feather in her hair, accessorised with round trimmed sunglasses and that festival staple accessory, the chunky silver necklace. Harriet nailed boho grunge!

Street Style @ Groove de Lecq Festival 2015

Sarah Irvine, 22 | Jenna Wilkinson, 21

Left | Name Sarah Irvine Age 22
Fashion Inspiration “I’m from Canada and where I live there are many thrift stores, sort of like charity shops here. I love to rummage through trying to find a gem! I also like getting ideas from social media, especially Instagram.”

Sarah wore a middle centre parting in her hair, and the deep red lipstick matched the tones in her loose fitted, spaghetti strapped dress. With the leather biker jacket, chunky Dr Martens and turquoise stone statement necklace, I could have mistaken her for a young Alanis Morissette… Isn’t it ironic… she embodied the 90s look!

Right | Name Jenna Wilkinson Age 21
Fashion Inspiration “My mum is my fashion inspiration. I love looking back at old photos of her and thinking how cool she looked. Also an all-time favourite style icon would have to be Kate Moss.”

Jenna is rocking one of this season’s biggest hair trends. Pastel colours have been massive, especially on the festival scene, and her lipstick totally complemented the lilac in her hair. Cut-off, cut-up black denim hot pants, white vest with sports bra showing, and chunky deep green socks under her black Doc Martens ring this look off as bonafide grunge-rock princess.

Street Style @ Groove de Lecq Festival 2015

Claire Boyle, 33 | Anna Maruszewska, 31

Left | Name Claire Boyle Age 33
Fashion Inspiration “I feel inspired by vintage clothing. In particular I love the 60s genre, and 70s. If I had to say a fashion icon I would say Paloma Faith, she’s cool and love her style.”

Claire’s relaxed look certainly resembles pieces from the 70s. The vintage print culottes have an electric blue tone which match her top and show off the blue in her eyes. Her look is very vintage, and with the chunky fringe and old school strap sandals she keeps her style, whilst staying comfortable.

Right | Name Anna Maruszewska Age 31
Fashion Inspiration “I like craziness and wild colours. I like watching the world go by, watching what other people are doing and then putting my own twist on it. In particular, I loved the fashion in the Sixties.

When speaking with Anna, I could tell that she felt life was regimented enough without conforming the way we dress too, and that her fashion choices are her freedom to express herself. I really love the dark colours on yellow. I think black and yellow prints will be big in autumn, especially in statement trousers. I love Anna’s daring and creative style.

Street Style @ Groove de Lecq Festival 2015

Toni Keenan, 25 | Jo Ferbrache, 30

Left | Name Toni Keenan Age 25
Fashion Inspiration “I’m really loving the festival look this summer. I like to look at what people are wearing on Instagram, at the festivals gone before.”

Toni’s look is boho chic. The khaki Bardot, off-the-shoulder style jumpsuit with three-quarter flowing sleeve detail, clinched in at the waist to enhance her slim figure, gives the jumpsuit a sixties look. Her beige sandals and floral head crown, give the salute to festival fashion.

Right | Name Jo Ferbrache Age 30
Fashion Inspiration “I dress to cover the bits I don’t like, and to show off the bits I do like! I like bright colours and like having fun with fashion, which I think reflects my personality. I love to dance so my clothing must be able to handle that!”

I literally loved Jo’s fusion of colours! Jo’s parka jacket looked high end, yet she told me she loved a bargain so likes to shop at TK Max – this jacket was super luxe when new, but over time still looks great, just a bit more worn. It’s a great festival piece, with Jo’s gorgeous floral dress; the green tones complementing the khaki, along with floral crown in neutral colours and the summer favourite – chunky silver and turquoise necklace.

Street Style @ Groove de Lecq Festival 2015

Mikey Brown, 26 | Lousie Evans, 46

Left | Name Mikey Brown Age 26
Fashion Inspiration “I definitely like the subcultures, punk and grunge. I like expressing myself through my style. I really like Alex Turner from Arctic Monkey’s style.”

Mikey reminded me of an extra in the movie Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, or perhaps a 90s skateboarder. He was at the festival celebrating the passing of his accountancy exams! He is one style conscious accountant – from tartan checked print t-shirt and dark stonewashed denim Gillet to rolled up jeans, Hype beanie and Ray-Ban’s Clubmaster framed sunglasses. I’d label Mikey’s style as street-skate.

Right | Name Louise Evans Age 46
Fashion Inspiration “I’d like to think I have my own style, which can change and vary as my mood changes.  An absolute beauty and fashion icon of mine is definitely Blondie, her style is timeless.”

I loved Louise’s style – simple yet statement. If I were to describe her look, I would say Bowie boho! She looked vibrant in her eye-catching silver sequinned tight trousers, brown boots with plaid checked trim, and black vest under her black blazer with stripped cuff detail. Topped off with a trilby hat, silver hip hanging belt, silver ring and nose ring, Louise looked effortlessly festival chic.

Street Style @ Groove de Lecq Festival 2015

Sarah Mant, 18 | Casey Jade Nutley, 19

Left | Name Sarah Mant Age 18
Fashion Inspiration “I really enjoy 90s vintage sportswear, so like old school Adidas, Reebok etc. If I had to say I admire anyone style wise, I would have to say Imogen Poots, she’s grunge chic yet relaxed with it.”

I absolutely loved Sarah’s style, there was something about her style essence that spoke to me. Her black t-shirt dress, with white and pink ‘Criminal Damage’ print, really reminded me of Moschino’s Barbie print t-shirts, and what the brand Wildfox are doing now. She matched it perfectly with old school black Reebok Classics, bringing a touch of vintage urban to Groove.

Right | Name Casey Jade Nutley Age 19
Fashion Inspiration “I love 90s urban style but I don’t stick to one genre, I like to mix it up. I draw inspiration from social media apps such as Instagram, like the other day Millie Mackintosh was rocking an awesome outfit.”

Casey reminded me of an eclectic mix of the Jenner sisters’ style with her old school, white cut-off ‘mom jeans’, with light crocheted white top, vintage denim jacket. She combined the two trends by accessorising perfectly with urban feel desert boots, black vintage belt, tasselled bumbag, and old school Ray-Ban Clubmaster framed sunglasses. Casey has a very current look whilst wearing vintage.

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Words & Style Photos: Lauren Burnett
Gallery Photos: James Solomon Photography