Festival Style @ Reasons to Be Fearful 2015

Reasons to Be Fearful took place on the night of Halloween 2015, as the successor to Reasons’ summer festival, Reasons to Be Cheerful.

Their aim was to capture the vibe of the summer event, which was no mean feat without the sunshine, but they went all out with the theme and brought as many of their creative partners on board as possible.

The event was run in collaboration with Snowbombing, as part of their launch party series. In turn, Reasons will be hosting a stage at their event in Austria, next April. Watch out for that.

There was also the small matter of an all-star line-up, which included 2manydjs, James Zabiela, Huxley, Scratch Perverts, Rodney P, Shepdog and Marc Roberts – a selection of artists that would have drawn a crowd, anywhere in the world.

Luella Rockerfella were on the scene to check out the style of party goers…

Street Style: Reasons to Be Fearful 2015

Chantal Sabrina Quiniou, 26

Left & Right | Name Chantal Sabrina Quiniou Age 26

Chantal was part of CNS – Central Nervous System – a group of creative individuals doing the cloakroom, make up and generally providing good vibes. The inspiration behind her outfit was Frank from the movie Donnie Darko, with a Glamorous twist. The skull mask she created was inspired by Damien Hirst’s diamond skull art. The photo doesn’t do justice to how perfectly sculpted the crystals were placed on Chantal’s face. Top marks for creativity.

Street Style: Reasons to Be Fearful 2015

Sebastian Kiernicki, 37 | Jean-Pierre Roulson, 28

Left | Name Sebastian Kiernicki Age 37

Sebastian, another member of the CNS room, was inspired by the Fritz Lang movie, Metropolis, for his Metropolis-inspired she-robot costume, the character’s name in the movie is Maria. He also feels inspired by past collections, especially Thierry Mugler autumn/winter 1995.

Right | Name Jean-Pierre Roulson Age 28

Jean-Pierre is also part of the CNS crew. The concept for his outfit was a ‘dead’ Marie Antoinette inspired Lady of the Night, giving the vibe of femme fatal but androgynous at the same time. All topped off with a leather vest, naturally. Jean-Pierre explained that the outfit was created around the key piece, the wig and most of it was from the charity shop or Amazon. I totally felt the dead Marie Antoinette with perhaps a twist of live Lady Gaga!

Street Style: Reasons to Be Fearful 2015

Daniela Jakodova, 22 | Arturo Bandini, 27

Left | Name Daniela Jakodova Age 22

Daniela was also part of the CNS crew, which she tells me was formed from a love of the arts and self-expressionism across any platform you can imagine, from makeup artistry to creative writing, from fashion styling to event management. The concept for her outfit was Dia de los Muertos and the look was a candy coloured sugar skull. The pastel colours, glitter and crystals also showed Daniela’s candy sweet personality!

Right | Name Arturo Bandini Age 27

Another CNS gang member, Arturo, based his outfit on the ‘Reasons Town Theme’ and was a wicked-manifold style. Arturo wanted to be as naked as possible, maximum silhouette, like a steak on a white plate with a Virile zebra mask which came together in a camp tongue kept between camouflaged lips. Arturo’s outfit was the scariest, especially as he had the intelligence to pull of the perfect murder!

Street Style: Reasons to Be Fearful 2015

Joëlle Agathangelou, 21 | Joe Mcevoy, 24

Left | Name Joëlle Agathangelou Age 21

Joelle looked smoking hot whilst in keeping with the Halloween theme! She was inspired by Lady Gaga’s character in the hit TV series American Horror Story. If I were to describe Joelle’s look I would say gothic glamour with a touch of allure. Joelle’s sheer overlaid dress, bow tied silk belt, lace gloves and black Doc Martens rocked.

Right | Name Joe Mcevoy Age 24

Joe’s costume was eye catching and very close to Jim Carey’s actual character from the 90s movie The Mask. With the 90s genre continuing to gather a massive subcultural following, this outfit is on point. The detail of the facial expressions were very eerie.

Street Style: Reasons to Be Fearful 2015

Gemma Swietlik, 32 | Wayne Townsend, 52

Left | Name Gemma Swietlik Age 32

Gemma had attended a party where the theme was zombie bikers, which I think she totally nailed, and was inspired by a character with the same name – Gemma in the TV hit show Sons of Anarchy. She wore leather-look trousers from New Look, which for the high street were amazing quality, and could have been mistaken for designer. The biker boots were from River Island and fitted the theme very well!

Right | Name Wayne Townsend Age 52

Wayne’s look was impressive and showed that he had put a lot of effort into his outfit. He described the concept of his outfit as ‘Apocalyptic Zombie’. I felt a touch of anarchist dead biker, especially with the calf-length, leather biker boots and matching leather jacket, with anarchy and skull patches.

Street Style: Reasons to Be Fearful 2015

James Springthorpe, 27 | Jason Dodd, 47

Left | Name James Springthorpe Age 27

James described the concept of his outfit as a ‘scally’, which is a northern term for a ‘Chav’ – a term used to describe a particular stereotype in the first decade of the 21st century by the British mass media, to refer to an anti-social youth subculture in the United Kingdom. James wearing Lockport boots with Adidas tracksuit bottoms, Burberry cap, tracksuit jacket and gold link chain was definitely a resemblance of the anti-social youth subculture!

Right | Name Jason Dodd Age 47

Jason expressed his passion for Ministry of Sound in the 90s and stated that the most important thing about his outfit was that he was in disguise, as his kids were also at Reasons, raving! Jason’s boots are vintage red wings from New York, his t-shirt came from the pop up Halloween shop in Jersey, and his jeans were Armani. His favourite designers are Pal Zileri and Armani.

Street Style: Reasons to Be Fearful 2015

Michelle Kent, 25 | Oli Nightingale, 27

Left | Name Michelle Kent Age 25

How Michelle managed to look seriously hot and deadly at the same time is impressive. Her face paint and contact lenses really added to the creativity of her outfit. The concept for her outfit was ‘Zombie Geisha’, which she completely nailed right down to the shoes and the chop sticks in her messy bun hairstyle. The dress was stunning. Top marks for effort and style.

Right | Name Oli Nightingale Age 27

Oli’s costume took effort and certainly got a lot of attention from other ravers! It took some serious dedication to the Halloween theme as dancing in the full outfit in the main DJ room would have been hot. Oli described the concept for his outfit as ‘Arabian Zombie’. I definitely think this costume showed a reflection of his fun loving nature.

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Gallery Photos: James Solomon Photography
Words & Style Photos: Lauren Burnett of Luella Rockerfella