Frank Turner – story teller, ordinary fella…

As Frank Turner’s sixth album worms its way into the ear holes of his adoring fans, it’s hard to look beyond the authenticity of the man, and the charm that infiltrates his work.

Positive Songs For Negative People is just that. A collection of songs that contains more positivity than a Children’s TV presenter, the difference is in the delivery.

In a time when negativity threatens to overwhelm us, it’s reassuring to hear someone delivering a positive message, and the distinctly British style and charm of Frank Turner makes PSFNP a real toe tapper of an album.

Soulful vocals, simple lyrics set against a swirl of bellowing sing’a’long choruses, and clipped vocal melodies, have been Franks trademark since way before gigs at the Ally Pally were beckoning on the horizon, and he delivers those in abundance again.

Lead single ‘Glorious You’ has more hooks than a fishing tackle shop, ‘Get Better’ is a powerful ode to love, ‘Out Of Breath’ a chaotic, punchy reminder of Frank’s punk past; while mandolin drenched stand-out track ‘The Opening Act Of Spring’ is enough to thaw the heart of even the coldest cynic.

Frank Turner, above all else, is a storyteller. The reason his fans love him is because of the undemanding nature of his work. Listening to Positive Songs For Negative People doesn’t very require much of you… just an ear for sincerity. How perfectly, positively British.


Words: Bobby Smith