Bobby Smith

On Repeat: The Dunwells’ ‘Hey Now’

The Dunwells hail from Leeds, but it's their musical ability that leads them. From Yorkshire to Jay Leno - a million plus streams on Spotify and how does tha...

Introducing: Moxie Kicks & ‘So Alive’

London's Moxie Kicks are set to release their debut single, 'So Alive', on July 31st and boy is it a belter - crunching chords, great vocal tones, punchy drums ...

On Tour: Oklahoma’s Broncho

U.S. rockers, Broncho, are back with a bang this weekend, having just kicked off their tour at Berlin’s Comet. Latest album, Just Enough Hip To Be Woman, has...
Bobby Smith

Bobby Smith

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If Life were a Starbucks, Bobby would be a skinny vanilla latte. Some say that he carries a Gypsy curse, but haters always gonna hate. Lover of music, art, film... and taurine.