London’s Moxie Kicks are set to release their debut single, ‘So Alive’, on July 31st and boy is it a belter – crunching chords, great vocal tones, punchy drums and a big sing-along chorus that would be a dream for any songwriter to come up with.

The track feels like a return to the good ol’ days, when Britpop ruled Cool Britannia and we were inundated with a deluge of effortlessly accomplished bands who used a rabble rousing chorus to get their message across.

Simplistic but relatable lyrics, great vocals and an insane drum groove are the bread and butter of this track, but it’s the subtle lead melodies and harmonising backing vocals that really sew it all together.

Using a beautiful woman in your music video has been standard fair for as long as MTV can remember, but having an empowered sexy female lead beating seven bells out of a dude twice her size? Now there’s something emasculating and at the same time rather perversely erotic about that… though admittedly, that might just be me. Check it out.

‘So Alive’ is out on July 31st via Catapult Records.


Words: Bobby Smith