Flowers Gallery: Artist of the Day 2015

The Honeymoon Suite, 2015 (c) Juno CalypsoUntitled (Chicken Dogs) 2015 (c) Juno CalypsoThe Adorations, Le baiser, 2013 (c) Martin PottsThe Adorations, Noel, 2013 (c) Martin PottsThe Fool, (detail) 2015 (c) Robert McNallyThe Hierophant, 2015 (c) Robert McNallyThe Wheel of Fortune, 2015 (c) Robert McNallySpring, 2005 (c) Sheila VollmerStar Line 4 - Red, Yellow, Blue, 2008 (c) Sheila VollmerWake, 2015 (c) Alana FrancisSelf Portrait My two Skulls, 2015 (c) Alana Francis

Catch it before it goes!

This weekend of 04-05 July sees the grand finale of Artist of the Day 2015 at Flowers Gallery in West London’s Cork Street.

Now in its 22nd year, the one-week exhibition showcases the work of five artists, nominated by prominent figures in contemporary art. The criteria for selection is talent, originality, promise and the ability to benefit from a one-day solo exhibition of their work at the venue.

Past selectors have included Tracey Emin, Gilbert & George, Maggi Hambling, and Cornelia Parker; while Adam Dant, Dexter Dalwood and Lynette Yiadom-Boakye have featured as chosen artists.

“Artist of the Day gives an extraordinary and unparalleled opportunity for new and sometimes older neglected talent to shine in a solo one day West End exhibition.” says Matthew Flowers

Jake and Dinos Chapman selected Robert Mcnally‘s dark and twisted drawings from 1982 ‘(UK, 1982) and wrote a little ode to the artist:

“There was a young artist called Rob,
Who possessed an unnaturally big blob –
Of paint on his rectum, the shape of a plectrum, Which he paraded for the price of a few bob.”

Jake Chapman and Robert McNally - Photograph by Lily Bertrand Webb, Courtesy of Flowers Gallery

Jake Chapman and Robert McNally – Photograph by Lily Bertrand Webb, Courtesy of Flowers Gallery

This Year’s Selection:

Robert Mcnally selected by Jake and Dinos Chapman
Sheila Vollmer selected by Jane Joseph
Juno Calypso selected by Tom Hunter
Alana Francis selected by Chris Orr
Martin Potts selected by Richard Smith

A week of independent exhibitions for each selected artist culminates in a group exhibition this weekend. Don’t miss it.

29 June – 5 July 2015
Monday to Friday 11am – 7pm, Saturday to Sunday 11am – 6pm
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