Carnovsky’s ‘Waves of the Modern Age: An RGB Universe’ Launches at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen

Last week saw the launch of Carnovsky‘s Waves of the Modern Age: An RGB Universe at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen. The installation, oftentimes described as Instagram-porn, opened in an event sponsored by Hennessy Cognac and is now free and open to the public until the end of June 2019.

Waves of the Modern Age: An RGB Universe includes several walls covered in wallpaper (including the bar), some smaller prints and a triptych, all distributed throughout the first floor of the iconic music and culture hut in the heart of Hoxton Square. Conceived to be contemplated in the dark and solely illuminated by RGB filtered lights, the designs are superposed layers of different designs in primary colours that are hidden to the human eye, unless brought out by one of the RGB lights.

In the past, Carnovsky have decorated entire rooms in their staple overlapped designs, doing so for both exhibitions and commercial establishments like Italian brand Jannelli & Volpi. The Milanese artistic duo remain loyal to the themes they customarily portray in all of their pieces: the human body, the animal world and various types of flora. In this simple yet engaging exhibition, viewers can expect to be entranced by the changing lights that reveal what is otherwise hidden in the form of disarrayed layers of fine-line designs.

The twosome, who empirically explore colour-related phenomena and how colours are perceived by the human eye, have also published their own books. Iluminatlas, Illuminature and Illumanatomy illustrate journeys where the reader uses different coloured lenses to explore the World, the environment and the human body. Their emblematic designs can also be acquired in the form of scarves, carpets and prints, among an extensive range of multi-colour merchandise available on their website.

The curator behind the event, Liat Chen, has also worked in similar exhibitions where bright colours and visually enticing graphic elements are at the epicentre. Chen has become an acclaimed curator in the London art scene, after working on events alongside visual artists and photographers such as Dean Chalkley, McBess, KellyAnna Lynnie Z and The Mighty Boosh.

Waves of the Modern Age: An RGB Universe is a free entry installation for visitors to Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, running through until the end of June 2019. See website for more details.

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