U.S. rockers, Broncho, are back with a bang this weekend, having just kicked off their tour at Berlin’s Comet.

Latest album, Just Enough Hip To Be Woman, has enough hipness to be anything it damn well pleases. Being on the road has certainly paid dividends for the band, and by staying true to their guitar driven, rock roots – whilst dipping their toes into slightly more uncharted territory – Oklahoma’s Broncho have produced an album of full of charm, verve, swagger and clout.

Make no mistake, this lot offer more hooks than Mike Tyson in his prime, and pack probably the same amount of punch. Highlights include ‘It’s On’, which explodes out the blocks like a juggernaut, with Nathan Price’s pounding drums bringing The Undertones to mind.

‘China’ is another adrenaline fuelled masterpiece, using the band’s trademark chugging bass lines and punchy drum beats to great effort, whilst showcasing lead singer, Ryan Lindsey’s, full range of vocal talents – the kind that make other singers want to self-harm, or at the very least cry and go home.

Lead single, ‘Class Historian’ and closing track ‘Kurt’ feature the kind of effortless addictive sing-along vocal melodies that trick your subconscious into thinking you have been aware of them your entire life. No mean feat.

By combining lyrics that contain just enough cynicism to be clever, and a healthy dose of chaotic, powerful, pounding rock, Broncho have cultivated an album that would not seem out of place next to The Ramones or The Strokes on your playlist.

These chaps seem destined for an extremely bright future indeed. Catch them on their way up at Camden’s Black Heart, this coming Wednesday, July 1st.

Full Tour Dates

27 – Comet, Berlin, Germany
29 – Molotow, Hamburg, Germany
30 – V11, Rotterdam, Netherlands

01 – The Black Heart, London, United Kingdom
02 – El Sol, Madrid, Spain
03 – Festival Do Norte, Illa De Arousa, Spain
04 – Eurockéennes Festival, Sermamagny, France
16 – Stone Fox, Nashville, TN
18 – Forecastle Festival Louisville, KY
25 – WayHome Festival Toronto, Canada
31 – Pickathon, Happy Valley, OR

01 – Pickathon, Happy Valley, OR
02 – Pickathon, Happy Valley, OR
18 – Valley Bar, Phoenix, AZ
22 – FYF Fest, Los Angeles, CA

01 – Club Downunder, Tallahassee, FL
02 – Crowbar, Tampa, FL
03 – Culture Room, Fort Lauderdale, FL
04 – Social, Orlando, FL
05 – Loosey’s, Gainesville, FL
06-08 – FUN FUN FUN FEST, Austin, TX


Words: Bobby Smith
Photo: Courtney-Lee Yip