Girl Gang TV is a fresh new online community headed by Kate Nash, which aims to inspire and bring together a new generation of creative, like-minded, forward-thinking individuals hell-bent on bringing about a change in the world.

“I want members to have a more fearless attitude when it comes to standing up for what they believe in,” says Nash. “I want to hear about the experiences of others, because that’s how you find out what is happening in the real world. I want to give a voice to those that haven’t yet been given a microphone.”

From its humble beginnings as a monthly meeting in Kate Nash’s LA garage, Girl Gang TV has really grown, with some cool female acts involved such as indie-pop duo Skating Polly, La Sera and London punk trio The Tuts; but Girl Gang is not exclusive and is 100% inclusive to anyone that shares the gang’s ideals.

Check out Girl Gang’s You Tube channel for crazy guitar lessons with Linda Burrato, interviews… plus randomness such as ‘How to Foster a Dog’.

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Words: Liam Stephenson