HOO HAs emerge with their new self-titled debut EP, packed with chunky riffs and anthemic choruses providing the perfect soundtrack for those everyday experiences. The London based quartet, who have been involved in a number of projects together before settling in HOO HAs, established their sound ahead of this release in jamming sessions at The Silver Bullet in Finsbury Park, and performing live shows across London alongside artists and friends such as L.A. Salami and Mohit.

Lead single ‘Hanna’ is a perfect slice of NME baiting indie rock, and as Jamie explains, “Hanna was written in the heat of a bitter moment. The end of a relationship can lead to you saying things despite knowing there is more to the story.” Short and sharp, and full of barbed messages such as, “Discarded little waitress slip shows a little history,” and, “I never asked how you felt cos I was scared I knew the answer, found out soon enough you, could have told me faster,” before a refrain of, “So beautiful, so sweet, so young, so incomplete,” berates a lost love. Lead singer, Jamie, has a deadpan delivery adding a sense of humour and wit to this EP, rife with the spirit of Brit pop, and that is one of the distinguishing aspects of the band’s work.

‘This Is The New Me’ is a more rolling indie number, soundtracking the attempts to get over a hangover and that familiar feeling of seeking a better you, more healthy, drinking and smoking less. Dripping in nonchalance and sarcasm, it typifies the day to day observational approach the band take, with Jamie describing the song as, “about trial and error nature of learning what parts of my life are good for me.” ‘Tonight I Put Her To Sleep’ is a similarly rambling track, set to a Babyshambles-esque riff, and is filled with a sense of uncertainty amidst attempts to fulfil domestic duties.

In contrast with much of the rest of the EP, ‘Tippex Jeans’ affords more space for instrumentation, as bassist Jack provides a thick grooving bassline over which Mark’s bluesy guitars roam, and is a sleazy tale of fantasising over a girl. Whilst much of the band sound could be bracketed as landfill-Indie in sound at least, this track shows potential for wider sonic experimentation to come.

For the most part musically and lyrically familiar, it would be hard to argue this was boundary pushing music. What the HOO HAs have delivered however is a strong EP, which manages to retain an element of originality and authenticity in spite of its nostalgic sound, with the biggest strength being the wit and delivery of the band. There are also signs of musical evolution to come, and with a swell of support behind them, who knows where the HOO HAs next stop may be.

HOO HAs self-titled EP is released 29 July and available to purchase HERE.

Upcoming Live Dates

31 – The Crofters Rights, Bristol

13 – Greenstone Festival, Northampton
14 – Birthdays, London


Words: William Sutton