Imagine a place far from all the troubled noise of the Danish capital. A place where nothing but fields and impenetrable forests can be seen, as far as the eye can see. A place where the light greets the dawn, in great contrast to the neon flashes that gently carries restless scenesters through one crazed party night after another. Out there, where nothing troubles you, and only peace and quiet reign supreme, where green pastures replace the hard and cold concrete of the city streets.

In a small residence in one particular little countryside haven, sits Jakob Viskinde – brother and one half of promising new duo, Blue Demon – having recently fled the twilight world of the Copenhagen underground scene in search of a better life in the country, following a period of writer’s block, “I hadn’t written any good music. So when I moved from Copenhagen to the country, I built a little studio in my garage, and suddenly I found it much easier to make music. And I started to make tracks, not knowing what was going to happen with them,” he says.

Blue Demon happened one night, when younger sister, Maria Viskinde, popped over to Jakob’s place for a glass of wine, “I really just dropped by Jakob’s studio one night, and we had some wine and I tried to improvise some melodies and lyrics. Jakob had already done the raw sketches – something I’m not really good at – and I chose what I found most catchy. And I just sung.”

It didn’t take long before Maria followed suit and packed it up for the country, to live in a small house close to her brother. Now, suddenly living only a stone’s throw away from each other, work on the EP could begin.

Although both siblings are born and bred on Dylan, Stones and Sex Pistols, they also share a mutual taste for bands like Jesus & Mary Chain, and BJM, and electronic acts such as New Order and Air. Oh, and not to forget, Primal Scream. “Our favourite band,” laughs Jakob.

Now, using all of these inspirations to create the perfect picture for the listener, Blue Demon sees the pair compose songs together, something they’ve never done before, in spite of being in several of the same band constellations over the years.

Moving to the country has also given them a sense of reflection on their past life, but everything comes with a price, and you can sense an expression of restlessness in the music, described by Jakob as, “Restlessness and hunger, a longing for life in the city – a fear of missing out.”

That said, having recently been back to the city to play shows – one supporting The Warlock – and with their latest, tremendous show at Rust still ringing freshly in people’s ears, Blue Demon are ready to hit the filthy, neo-psychedelic, rock’n‘roll scene they both love so much.

Now, you can take the girl and the boy out of the city, but you can never take the city out of them.

Debut EP Sphere of Rock’n’Roll is out now.


Words: Anders Knudsen
Photo: Marie Møller