Twenty-two-year-old Stockholm native, Efraim Leo has just released ‘Talk To Me’ – a vibrant and impactful pop anthem, and first single from his upcoming EP. Lyrically, the track deals with the aftermath of a relationship, its glorious melodies concealing the anguish behind the lyrics.  “It’s about how you really loved a girl, but she’s not talking to you anymore” explains Efraim “It’s so tough dealing with that, when you don’t want to be enemies”

“It’s about how you really loved a girl, but she’s not talking to you anymore. It’s so tough dealing with that, when you don’t want to be enemies”

Leo already boasts an impressive fanbase, thanks (in part) to an unofficial tour with pop behemoths, The Vamps in 2018, when he followed the band around the UK, performing for the waiting crowds outside the venues. By the time they reached London, word had got out and the organisers arranged a special stage for him inside The O2 dome, getting him in front of thousands of Vamps fans. “I played two sets for people standing in line, it must have been around 1000 people! After that, I had so many fans and new followers – they’re all still with me today and super excited for my new music.” he says.

Born into a family of music-lovers, Leo started out on a heady diet of jazz (his Grandfather performed as part of a jazz band) and Bob Dylan. “My whole family is musical” he explains, “when we get together at Christmas, we have a jam session, every year – everyone picks up an instrument.” Leo started to teach himself to play the guitar from the age of 13 and began to write songs at 15. He remains the driving force behind the writing and now co-produces his material too.

Leo soon started to attract label attention, and made a very early signing which led to the release of his debut single ‘You Got Me Wrong’, which made a splash and received native radio play, but following this, activity seemed to inexplicably ground to a halt. “The early label deal didn’t really work out for me” Efraim explains “Even so, I got a lot of experience from all the travelling, and got very good at being patient, waiting for things to happen. It taught me that in the end I am the one responsible for my own career.”

Now releasing independently, and under his own terms, Leo is ready to drop a debut EP later this year. With the classic good looks of James Dean, and an effortless ability to create a catchy pop melody, Efraim Leo is about to become the next heartthrob pop superstar.

‘Talk To Me’ is out now.

Photo: Courtesy of MINX

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