Nomadic artist, Llynks (Sara Kendall), finds inspiration from fantastical realms and the dystopian worlds of science fiction. Releasing her haunting new single ‘Patterns Through Seams’ earlier this year, her lyrics offer an introspective portal to her soul, entangled with warped synth patterns and twinkles of morose piano melodies.

“All of these songs have a special place in my heart. Mostly because they make me super nostalgic for different times in my life, like moving to New York for the first time or being a child in the backseat when my mom was driving around listening to her favorite music. I feel like I probably channel bits and pieces of them into my own stuff. I love songs that have a certain sentimental quality to them – I feel like it’s very powerful for a listener to be taken back to a certain time in their lives.”

Growing up in Massachusetts, Llynks began writing songs from a young age, finding a particular kinship with the piano. Exploring themes of empowerment and self-preservation through her gothic creations, we look at 10 songs that have inspired her over the years.

1. Fleetwood Mac – ‘Silver Springs’ (Live at Warner Brothers Studios)

“One of my all-time favorites. It’s timeless and this particular performance is so incredibly powerful.”

2. Trentemoller – ‘One Eye Open’

“Trentemoller is definitely a big influence, really sick industrial sound.”

3. Grimes – ‘Realiti’ (Demo)

“This song is so special and has a certain sentimentality to it. Grimes has definitely inspired me to take a DIY approach to things and to trust myself with more decisions. I find her fascinating!”

4. Fleetwood Mac – ‘Temporary One’ (Live at Warner Brothers Studios)

“Another timeless song – I grew up with this album, listening to it in the car while my Mom drove and my siblings and I were kids in the backseat. When I hear it, I feel really nostalgic for that time.”

5. Heart – ‘If Looks Could Kill’

“This song has gotten me through some TIMES. This was also one of the albums my Mom would play in the car when we were kids! This album is so unapologetic I love it. Also, ‘The Wolf’ and ‘Shell Shock’ are great.”

6. Wardruna – ‘Odal’

“A great song to work out to.”

7. Future Islands – ‘On the Water’

“First time I ever heard a vocal performance like this. Such a raw delivery that’s stuck with me in my own recording sessions.”

8. Grand Pax – ‘Comet’

“This song makes me think of my early days living in New York and walking around the city. Super sentimental, I’m very nostalgic for that time!”

9. Saint Cava – ‘No One’s God’

“Another song that gets me feeling nostalgic for early days in New York. I’m noticing a trend with sentimental songs…”

10. Phantogram – ‘Black Out Days’ (Future Islands Remix)

“I’ve listened to this song so many times. Great song for the subway/car/getting from point A to B.”

Llynks latest single ‘Patterns Through Seams’ is out now. Watch the video HERE.

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