Finnish multi-instrumentalist Jaakko Aukusti announces his new single ‘Himalaya’, due for release on March 4th via VILD Recordings.

‘Himalaya’ is an anthemic mix of busy drum beats and infectious synths with Jaakko’s delicate voice woven throughout, making the track at once both an impressive wall of sound and a harmonious listening experience.

In the Turku-born musician’s own words, it’s a track which balances different contrasts, such as “silence and noise,” and “ethereal walls of reverb and a rave in a distant forest,” which perfectly sums up the sound. Jaakko pairs spirited instrumentation with spacious soundscapes and the result is uniquely offbeat pop, coloured with playful arrangements and unconventional song structures that are reminiscent of Passion Pit – sunny, intriguing and catchy. Jaakko has also been working with Rubik frontman Artturi Taira on his debut album, due later this year. If ‘Himalaya’ is anything to go by, it should prove an impressively colourful first offering.


Photo: Jelena Candolin