Gabriel Vielma @ London Fashion Week AW16

Gabriel Vielma’s Beside the Seaside collection takes derivation from “vintage sailor images, navigation maps, ocean flora and Wes Anderson’s film, The Life Aquatic.” Set against something reminiscent of the inner workings of a ship, Vielma gave his presentation for London Fashion Week. The inspiration for the collection was clearly potrayed by the pieces that were shown, all working in a complementing colour palette that provided a correlation across the collection.

One of the paramount features was the manipulation of the sailor-trend into something high fashion and intriguing, through the devices of fabric, colour and detailing; yet the pieces were also completely wearable.

Gabriel Vielma AW16

Gabriel Vielma AW16

A standout set was definitely this saffron coat, that overlayed a high-neck matching sweater. Although inspired by the sea, this gave a nod to a more 70’s style that has been reigning supreme recently, and the suede material in combination with the cut of the piece made the look contemporary yet atypical. This created an elegant vibe, which was also apparent in this next piece, representative of coral and ocean flora. The ruffled cut of the top and sleeves embodies Gabriel’s influence, but keeps the look sophisticated especially when paired with the wide legged matching trousers, with the same ruffled detailing along the sides.

The prints, although simplistic, were able to effectively represent an idea in a vibe of modern-chic giving a nod to current trends amalgamated with high-fashion styles. The presentation proved Gabriel’s versatility, and want for a message of female empowerment through his pieces, putting him on our list of London Fashion Week’s must sees!

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Words: Julia Cohen
Photos: Iker Aldama