VIN + OMI AW18 @ London Fashion Week

Vin + Omi are arguably the eco-warriors of the fashion world, as they presented their sustainable line at LFW in February. The duo showcased their pieces sourced from plastic bottles, plants and ocean clean-ups with pops of vibrant colour, making the line look high fashion whilst also marrying style with environmental awareness, an often-difficult feat.

The wool like textures and knitwear they created were the standouts of the show, as they cut nature mimicking shapes like sores, embedding their environmental statement in a more literal way. One of our favourite pieces combined textures and shapes in a knitted green and white dress, over layering a printed piece. The collection was cohesive and rebellious, featuring a mismatch of colours between the centre pieces and the accessories they styled with.

Currently, the brand has produced “11 unique eco-textiles including no—kill fleece garments” and this year was their debut ready-to-wear range. Vin + Omi count Boy George, Lady Gaga and Michelle Obama as just a few of their celebrity fans, and are certainly going against the grain in the fashion world, and listening to what consumers actually want. With more pressure on brands to employ more sustainable production methods, Vin + Omi have made it their mission to do just this, for much longer than people have been demanding it.

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Words: Julia Cohen

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