Wild & Free is a Los Angeles based duo composed of producers, vocalists, and multi-instrumentalists, Drew Kramer and George Cochrane. Having released their first single ‘Tropique’ in 2015, the guys went on to release their debut album, Shapes On Shapes, late last year; full of poolside disco, Leftfield pop and Balearic house.

Their music has appeared on the MTV reality show Real World, Vampire Diaries and they’ve even worked on original music for Disney. Wild & Free have also produced remixes for a number or high-profile artists, including Panama for Future Classic, Moullinex, Gigamesh, Ben Browning of Cut Copy, Karl Kling of RAC, and David Marston of Soul Clap Records.

Alongside making music they also have some fun side jobs, Drew does a lot of music supervision for films and TV and last year made a video for Snoop Dog and Badbadnotgood, whilst George is making an amendment for himself building his own synths, homemade DJ controllers and the like that have had people like Wyclef chase him down once they heard them in action.

“We’re big fans of both remixes and remixing. It’s such a thrill to get the parts of an awesome jam and re-imagine it ‘til it takes you to a whole new place. It’s like fitting a puzzle together to make a different picture than how it was originally intended to be. And there’s seldom a more exciting time than when you get a remix back from an artist you love and you get to hear what they’ve done with your ideas. These are some works that helped us realize that remixing is truly an art.”

1. Lindstrøm & Christabelle – ‘Can’t Stop (Aeroplane Remix)’

“One of our favorite remixes from Aeroplane. We love Lindstrøm & Christabelle but this one took us to new heights.”

2. Curses! feat Nancy Wang – ‘The Deep End (The Holy Ghost! Day School Dub)’

“This one is very nostalgic for us. There is a spooky feel to this remix but the groove on the bassline keeps the dancefloor in constant motion. So epic and fun. We enjoy all the artists involved in this one!”

3. Toomy Disco – ‘Since I Fell For You (Les Loups’ Nympho Island Remix)’

“This remix feels like sunshine every time we listen to it.  It’s one of those remixes that transports you instantly to a beautiful place which is something we definitely strive for in our own music and remixes.”

4. Moullinex – ‘Take My Pain Away (Gigamesh Remix)’

“We’ve actually been fortunate enough to remix both Gigamesh and Moullinex. This particular remix is one of our favorites and heats up the dancefloor every time we play it.  It’s pure energy.”

5. Joakim – ‘Nothing Gold (Todd Terje Mix)’

“This remix by Todd Terje is ten minutes of pure gold.  It’s a Balearic groover that might be one of the Inspector’s best works ever.”

6. Trüby Trio – ‘Donaueschingen (Peter Kruder´s Donaudampfschifffahrtsgesellschaftskapitänskajütenremix)’

“Trüby Trio is formidable in their own right, but Kruder’s strangely titled remix is so low-slung, so natural, so dirty… It transforms the whole thing. Can’t beat that “do doo doot doot” section.”

7. Eric B. & Rakim – ‘Paid in Full (Seven Minutes of Madness – The Coldcut Remix)’

“Just a very nice extended version of this golden age classic. It sounds like it could have been made by a skilled DJ with little more but wax, decks, and a tape machine—and it probably was.”

8. The XX – ‘Tides (Dixon Remix)’

“We loved the original, and also loved that Dixon threw out essentially every part and made it all feel new again. His synth work is so right on here.”

9. Alicia Keys – ‘Fallin’ (Deepchild Remix)’

“Deepchild chops and screws this old R&B staple, with hilarious results. Lilting R&B croons turn into gritty, nasty exhortations. Always nice for wiping the scowl off a crowd that hasn’t found its feet yet.”

10. Everything But The Girl – ‘Missing (Todd Terry Remix)’

“Missing” is a tune we’ve all heard a zillion times, but I always come back to Todd Terry’s remix. It’s so clear, bright, and bouncy, it reminds us that not every dance tune needs to be a chin-scratcher. Sometimes the right melody and the right beat are enough.

Bonus track: Joe Goddard – ‘Truth Is Light (Wild & Free Remix)’

“All of our influences definitely culminated on this remix that we did for Joe Goddard of Hot Chip.  It has a warmth and coldness at the same time which is something that we love about dance music.”

Wild & Free’s new album, Shapes On Shapes, is out now via Discotexas. Their Ferns And Stuff remix EP arrives this spring with remixes by Xinobi, Whatever/Whatever (Justin Strauss and Bryan Mette), and Boys Get Hurt, also on Discotexas.

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