Harmonic sibling duo, CHAMPS, have just released a video to accompany upcoming single, ‘Valama’.

The beautifully melodic title track, taken from their second album, is an instant grower. Listen to it a couple of times and you’re not going to want to let it go. And that’s what it’s all about really.

“Tell, tell me is it real, Valama/Am I up as high as I feel/Or am I dying”

Set to sparse, catchy drumbeats, lyrically ‘Valama’ takes you through a beautiful kaleidoscope of scenarios that depict the rise and fall of emotions. Eskimos, Bowie, the trees and the ocean all feature, and yeah, we get it… because we’ve all been there.

‘Vamala’ is set for release on May 4th through Play It Again Sam.

Catch them if you can.

01  LONDON  Borderline
23  LONDON  Oslo  – [PIAS] Nites  w/ Other Lives


Words: Sarah Hardy