Essex’s prodigal sons return triumphantly with their sixth studio album entitled ‘The Day is My Enemy’. The initial rave scene that spawned the band’s earliest hits becomes a distant memory, as the band plunge head first into darker and more violent sounds and themes.

With track titles like ‘Nasty’, ‘Wall of Death’ and ‘Destroy’, TDIME is a more jilted experience than a lot of fans would have expected. The title track pounds and stomps the album into life. Militaristic drum patterns, angry synths and growling female vocals announce the Prodigy are BACK!

‘Ibiza’ spits its electronic hatred at the Balearic “superstar DJ” culture. Liam Howlett brings in the Sleaford Mods to push the vitriolic tone of the track to the limit. “Bleached-hair w**king mates just flown in on the lear” is a sample lyric that goes a long way to letting the listener know that there’s no Summer of Love in camp Prodigy this year.

‘Get Your Fight On’ is everything fans of the “Prodg’” have come to know and love. Huge break-beats, Keith Flint screaming his “nut” off and riffs galore, all add up to a big phat trademark sound that once again keeps the Prodigy as alluring as the days they first dished ‘Charly’ out.

‘Invisible Sun’ would not sound out of place on any Killing Joke album. The penultimate track on the album is a spectacular brooding piece of danceable modern post-punk containing lyrics like; “Invisible sun, shining where there’s no path” – ‘Out of Space’ this is not.

The party vibe is over but the Prodigy still give us reason to celebrate, as TDIME mixes the best elements from all of the bands past works, whilst keeping the listener fascinated throughout.


Words: Nick Vivid