And here lies within the track that never gets old.

The Killers well and truly killed it when they hit the airwaves with their debut single ‘Mr. Brightside’ over a decade ago. Now the back rub continues as London/Cambridge drum and bass outfit, Animal Music, release their take on, arguably, the most renowned song by the U.S. band.

It was something of a kamikaze move, admits vocalist, Pete Pocket, “One of our favourite tracks in the world is ‘Mr. Brightside’ by The Killers. We really wanted to take some of our favourite songwriting and rework into the Animal Music production style. Given that this is such a loved and iconic piece of music to start with we are aware that this is a bold move. A Marmite move. Maybe even a kamikaze move. However music and art isn’t about playing it safe and we love what we have ended up with.”

The cover track is a sweet kick towards the band’s latest single, ‘We Stay Vacant’, for those who haven’t heard it yet. The video for the latter scored over 10,000 views in just three days, while the track made the highest entry on the Music Week Club Chart (#13), #3 on the Hype Machine Twitter chart and is a new entry at #19 on the Cool Cuts Chart.

Animal Music – “Music for humans, who are really just animals, music that hopefully has a primal reach inside it.” –  were formed after singer Pete Pocket met electronics whizz, Penny For The DJ, at a warehouse party. They went on to work together at pirate radio and were soon doing club tours of Europe as a DJ/MC operation, and sliding their own tunes into their DJ sets. Realising a band was the way forward for them, Animal Music came to life after Pete and Penny hooked up with vocalist Tom Sutcliffe, and drummer Andy McKenzie.

“We’ve been forging our sound in the studio and playing shows endlessly for the last two years without putting anything out.” says Pete. “It’s like we’ve stolen a plane and been flying on fumes. Now we need to fill the tank. Obviously it will be incredible to go and play the four corners of the planet, taking the music to everyone so they can see and hear it for themselves.”

The band’s music is also included on the soundtracks of two high profile UK film releases this summer. Legacy, a film about teens who successfully build their own super club when they can’t get in anywhere else, and made by the same production team as Adulthood, will feature the track ‘Head Low’, specially written by Animal Music for the scene.

The Goob, meanwhile, is a coming of age and rites of passage tale of relationships and violence in a rural Norfolk village, made by The BFI and BBC Films, and will feature the Animal Music track ‘Kingdom’, again specially written for the scene.

‘Mr. Brightside’ is set for release on June 29th via Manchester based MUK Records.

Music Glue

Words: Emily Jukes