Orphan Boy’s ‘Beats Like Distant Tides’ starts off with what sounds like the nostalgic tones of an old ice cream van  selling its wares on a rain swept coastal town in Winter. Distant voices then give way to a cascading medley of stunning instrumentation.

The band’s first release since 2010’s Passion, Pain & Loyalty album, ‘Beats Like Distant Tides’ is what can only be described as a roaring triumphant return and is the perfect taster for the band’s forthcoming third album, due for release in Spring 2015.

Lyrically, the track conveys a deep sense of longing and soul searching, “I feel it inside, where I lost my hunger”, vocalist Rob Cross delivers his words with great melody and sincerity. The Twang and Milburn come to mind in terms of reference points here, but I have to add that Orphan Boy’s latest offering does brim with more than enough of their own trademark sounds.

Orphan Boy have honed their sound roaming the streets of Great Britain. Quintessentially British sounding, they capture the bleakness and frustration of small town boredom and have turned it into a whirling, spiralling melodic indie-anthem.

Like The Jam, Joy Division and The Smiths before them, Orphan Boy have adopted the right approach to musically escaping their environment. I for one have taken them to heart and 2015 will be the year Orphan Boy finds a true home in any discerning musical fan’s record collection.

Be sure to catch them on tour this spring/summer:

14th Manchester, Ruby Lounge
28th Derby, The Victoria Inn

08th London, Rhythm Factory
17th Hull, The New Adelphi Club
18th Doncaster,  The Leopard
25th Lancaster, The Yorkshire House

30th Scunthorpe, Café INDIEpendent

18th Hitchin, Club 85

Words: Nick Vivid