If you love festivals but also enjoy the finer things in life then this ones for you. this year luxury camp site Festibell brings a touch of glamour to Glastonbury.

Located just 200 metres from the festival site, each tent comes complete with beds and duvets, towels, eyemasks, earplugs, bottled water, and the ultimate festival indulgence – eco friendly toilets and hot showers.

Most crucially there are still packages available, that come WITH TICKETS!

So as long as you are registered on the Glastonbury website, then Cinderella, you shall go to the ball.

With prices starting from £1,200 for a tent for two, this may not be the most economical way to visit Glastonbury, but it most certainly will be one of the classiest.

· Most Camping Packages Include Festival Tickets

· Final Packages Go On Sale from 12th March 2015 until 7th April 2015


Words: Bella Rox