Danish artist, Peppermint B – aka Steffen Westmark (The Blue Van) – has returned with a brand new single from his upcoming sophomore album, Bubblegum Buddha, set to be released this September.

The new album sees Westmark turn his back on the big city and “competitive society,” while new single ‘Good Boys In The Suburbs (So Young) feat. Freja Loeb’ reminisces about growing up in the suburbs and everything that comes with it; from teenage love to bullying to boredom. The song reflects on how one’s upbringing affects one’s personality, and how human memory also tends to glorify memories by suppressing bad memories and highlighting the good ones.

“These images are golden, but when I look back / I know what I have now is what I had I had / When I was young.”

“The idea was to shoot a video exclusively on 8 mm film,” explains Westmark, “in order to obtain texture in the images, which reminds one of a look back, but also to pay tribute to the consistency and work with the limited material you have to edit from (six minutes of film in total ). A tribute to the analogue generation.”

Westmark grew up in a North Jutland suburb before travelling the world several times with his band The Blue Van. Having lived in Copenhagen for many years, 2018 saw him move to the south of Funen with his family, more specifically Svendborg. He felt a need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and was attracted to Svendborg’s creative and cultural environment, and the opportunity to give more space and peace to the family in a larger and cheaper accommodation. “I needed physical and mental space and felt I was running in circles in Copenhagen. I had the feeling that new exciting doors would open up in Svendborg, which has proved to be true.”

‘Good Boys In The Suburbs (So Young) feat. Freja Loeb’ is out now via Northern Sky Records.

Bubblegum Buddha follows on 20th September.

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