Have you ever wondered what became of the beautiful voice, that sang ‘To Know Him Is To Love Him‘, in 1957?

Carol Connors, born Annette Kleinbard on November 13, 1940, had her first encounter with the public eye as the lead singer of The Teddy Bears, which also included Phil Spector. The Teddy Bears’ only major hit, the Spector penned ‘To Know Him Is To Love Him’ – with it’s title taken from his dad’s gravestone – became a massive success, but the trio soon disbanded due to the failure of their follow-up singles, and the fact that Spector preferred working behind the scenes (the studio) to performing.

Some years later she legally changed her name to Carol Connors. She co-wrote (with Ayn Robbins and Bill Conti) ‘Gonna Fly Now‘, the theme song from Rocky, which earned her an Academy Awards nomination. Carol Connors also sang the theme song to the film Orca, called ‘We Are One‘.

We wish this beautiful lady, a happy New Year!


Words: Anders Knudsen