Yesterday, August 16th, marked the 38th year since The King of popular music inhaled his last bit of Memphis air, and died at the age of 42 in the bathroom of his Graceland home, allegedly of a heart attack. Had he still lived, Elvis Aaron Presley would have been 80 years old today.

We salute his memory with this little gem of a song, written and composed by Red Foley and Arthur Williams, in 1933, about a boy and his childhood dog, and how he later had to shoot it, as it was old and in pain.

“But if dogs have a Heaven, there’s one thing I know
Old Shep has a wonderful home.”

According to legend, on October 3rd 1945, a ten year old Elvis Presley sang ‘Old Shep’ at a singing contest, at the Mississippi-Alabama Fair – his first ever public performance – where he came in fifth. Six years later he performed the song again for a talent show at his high school, winning an encore for his performance.

But if Kings have a Heaven, there’s one thing I know
Ol’ Elvis has a wonderful home…

Words: Anders Knudsen