‘Surf Finger’ is a lost classic by right-hand-man of Phil Spector and highly acclaimed film score composer, Jack Nietzsche, who also worked with artists such as The Rolling Stones and Neil Young.

Nietzsche was a musician, arranger, producer, songwriter and a great master of twangy, surf music, and when he died he left behind a great legacy of work.

Among these was ‘Surf Finger’, which follows very much in the vein of his 1963 hit, ‘The Lonely Surfer’.

This track was recorded in 1966, thus being lost for some forty years. It did however serve as part of the soundtrack for the 1966 documentary film, Mondo Bizarro.

‘Surf Finger’ was never issued on vinyl and seems only to have surfaced with the release of Ace’s 2006 CD anthology, Hard Workin’ Man:The Jack Nitzsche Story Vol 2.

Jack Nietzsche died on August 25, 2000 in Hollywood, California, USA.

Words: Anders Knudsen