The Luv’d Ones were a garage/psychedelic sixties girl group, fronted by sisters Char and Chris Vinnedge.

Sounding like no one else by delivering a moodier and rawer sound than most other bands at the time, made the group stand out – also being girls playing guitars was still a fairly new thing at the time. The group released a string of singles on Dunwich Records – during a five year period in the sixties – mostly written by Char Vinnedge, until the band split up in 1969.

In the late 1990s the Luv’d Ones signed a five-year deal with Sundazed Records, which allowed them to release all of the early Dunwich Records singles, and a large collection of demos on an album titled Truth Gotta Stand.

Listen to ‘Come On In’ from Truth Gotta Stand above.

Words: Anders Knudsen