No T no Shade, hunty.

For seemingly months now this 70’s trend has been bandied about as the next big thing for the style conscious consumer. All trend forecasts led us to believe that you wouldn’t be able to walk down the high street without feeling like part of The Brady Bunch.

However, it’s going to take a bit more to get this girl out of her trusted skinny jeans and into some bell bottoms, and frankly it’s much easier to do a polite nod with a few select accessories than to completely strip your style down and replace it at the whim of a catwalk.

Step forward the retro inspired shade. We shot our favourite offerings on the rather lovely Jessica Jane Stafford inspired by (and pay attention to this) the 90’s idea of the 70’s but in 2015.

Yeah, fashion.

On the plus side, a pair of these bad boys will give last year’s 90’s looks a fresh feel; like you are aware of what’s going on, but not slavishly buying into it completely. May the skinny jean live to see another season.

Model Jessica Jane Stafford
Photographer Jason Glass
Styling & Art Directon Bella Rox

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