Minneapolis trio Strange Names have declared summer “officially” here with debut single ‘Ricochet’. The track is taken from their forthcoming debut album Use Your Time Wisely. ‘Ricochet’ fuses New-Wave esque slap bass, spiky guitar melodies and slickly smooth vocals to warm away any lingering chills that winter may have left behind.

Vocally, the track is reminiscent of Animal Collective, and the bass-lines are as entertaining as anything Gang of Four ever put out. The skeletal guitars work perfectly against danceable rhythmic drum patterns. As a whole, ‘Ricochet’ is a stunning alt-pop anthem and one that deserves to be on any respectable summer playlist this year.

If Ricochet hints at what is to come from Strange Names’ debut album, then I am sure that by the end of 2015 this band will become a very familiar name indeed. I for one will be waiting impatiently to see if the album lives up to the classiness set out on this debut track.

Words: Nick Vivid