Tata Naka SS18 @ London Fashion Week

Tata Naka’s SS18 collection had a charmingly feminine style, leaving us gushing at the tailored pieces they presented at London Fashion Week, this September. Designers, Tamara and Natasha Surguladze took inspiration from American Sportswear was created by Claire McCardell for their ’40s and ’50s vibe.

McCardell’s pieces took form from cruise wear of the 1950’s, and this is clearly mirrored in the striped shorts and sailor style jackets that Tata Naka presented. Behind the collection also lies an empowering message about female figureheads in the fashion industry, celebrating and embracing traditional femininity in a strong and inspired way.

Tata Naka SS18

The colour choice across the collection was extremely set in summer, featuring sage, aubergine and blossom to name a few. Some of our favourite pieces were the satin cropped sailor jackets that featured the popular tailored style for this SS18 season. We also loved the use of pattern in the pieces, which created a simplified and chic silhouette during the presentation.

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Words: Julia Cohen
Photos: Purple PR