Copenhagen’s Peppermint B has just released a brand new video for his summer single, ‘Scissors & Glue’ – a swift follow-up to album debut, Head Perfume (March 2017), and precursor to his autumn tour.

“I was playing the theme of the song to my three year-old daughter, trying to get her to hum along,” explains Steffen Westmark, the man behind the Peppermint B moniker. “But she was busy cutting out drawings and glueing them together. I was trying to piece the song together on a voice memo on my phone, but on the recording you can hear me constantly getting interrupted by my daughter shouting ‘can I please have the scissors?! I wanna glue!’

“With the Peppermint B project I’ve sought out to be as sincere as possible, so when inspiration comes from a three year-old you need to grab it. So it turned out to be a song about fathers and daughters.”

‘Scissors & Glue’ will be pleasing to the eye (and ears) for those of us trying to latch onto the last few rays of sunshine, which is pretty much the direction the video was forced to take, “The whole summer concept of the video sounded great on paper and I was ready for a day at the beach with blue skies and lots of sun,” explains director, Nicolai Westh.

“When we arrived at the beach the sky was milky white and the wind was blowing hard. The concept quickly changed to being about how stubborn the crazy northerners can be, when it comes to summer. Being completely oblivious to how the summers usually are (shitty) and insisting on going to the goddamn beach because they’ve had this planned for such a long time and you bloody well enjoy it! I think the result is quite hilarious and sincere.”

Expect a few more singles from Peppermint B, before a sophomore album… “I feel that with Peppermint B I have found the core of my songwriting and it’s hard to turn off the flow of songs that keep coming, says Westmark. “And I don’t want to turn it off.”

‘Scissors & Glue’ is out now.

16 – Oppenheimer Festival
23 – VoxHall, Aarhus*
28 – Posten, Odense
29 – Headquarters, Aarhus
30 – Café von Hatten, Randers

05 – Kulturhuset, Skanderborg*
07 – Tøjhuset, Fredericia*
14 – Huset, Copenhagen
19 – Studenterhuset, Aalborg*

*Supporting The Sandmen

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