“We are living by proxy, living for other people, living through other people and by default not living at all.

We develop myriad personalities. Each self becomes a mirror unto another self, until what remains cannot be contained; and whatever was visceral seems all the more distant.”

We live under pseudo-control. We are pushed to veer off-course by strangers who become vital – and power is handed over to them. Our individuality is arbitrary in a world where chance reigns.”

Welcome to the space age nothing.”

Visceral Distance is an exhibition by Emille Sofie Hyttel, Maria Amtoft Mikkelsen and Baijie Curdt-Christiansen.

Taking place at Blaa Galleri in Copenhagen, 17-23 September, Visceral Distance focuses on the concept of an ever-changing world, in which people and things are meshed together by an undeniable intimacy.

The exhibition uses the mediums of graphic design, collage and photography to communicate singular moments of transience before a significant change is unveiled; the anticipation that bears with it the coming of a new age.

The official opening takes place on the 17th September, 5-9pm, with live music from Nils Gröndahl, and DJ-sets by Emma Acs + Atusa, and Tobias Winberg.

An after party will be held at Drone from 10pm, with a live concert by Grand Prix and DJ Patz Koci (Less Win, Secret Life) on the decks.

See you there!

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Visceral Distance | 17-23 September 2015
Blaa Galleri, Blågårdsgade 29, 2200 Copenhagen | www.blaagalleri.com

After Party, Drone Bar | 17 September, 10pm
Nørrebrogade 184, 2200 Copenhagen | www.dronebar.dk