Art House 41: Pritch London & Ganor Dominic Launch Pop-Up Concept Store

New to London’s 41 South Molton Street is ART HOUSE 41, a six month collaboration between luxury British brands, Pritch London and Ganor Dominic.

ART HOUSE 41 embodies the concept of ‘personal freedom’ and staying true to one’s self expression – an ode to the numerological meaning of 41 – featuring evocative high-fashion content for an immersive design experience.

Pritch London stands for non-conformist luxury, drawing upon the present-day zest of its London hometown to offer an innovative outlook on leather creation, while Ganor Dominic fuses past with present, creating an artful mix of bespoke footwear designs, including 3D printed faces inspirited by the romanticism of Ancient Greek art.

ART HOUSE 41 will also debut a selection of one-to-watch names in the industry, acting as a platform for emerging guest designers and new upcoming artists each month, and for those who prefer the personal touch, a private appointment-only sales salon will be available, alongside private by-invitation-only events in collaboration with various personal stylists.

Art House 41 | Ganor Dominic | Pritch London