This week’s playlist was created by Florida’s biggest export – Boyce Avenue.

Comprised of three brothers – Alejandro (lead vocals/guitar/piano), Fabian (guitar/vocals) and Daniel Manzano (bass/percussion/vocals) – Boyce Avenue are THE most-watched independent band on YouTube, with over 2 Billion views. Having just completed a world tour to promote their third album, Road Less Traveled, the boys are currently milling around London and publishing a weekly series BEING BOYCE: Band Life, with the latest episodes featuring a BOY photo shoot, the filming of their 360 video at London’s YouTube Space, and a professional boxing workout.

Check out the Top 10 songs they blast before shows (we’re loving this Journey video)…

1. Journey – ‘Separate Ways’

“This song hits hard from start to finish. Once you hear that keyboard intro you get in the zone.”

2. Kings of Leon – ‘Temple’

“Such a great vibe. Reminds me of playing festival shows.”

3. Sia – ‘Alive’

“We grew up taking Karate so this music video really struck a chord for us and we love Sia’s vocals.”

4. Noel Gallagher – ‘What A Life’

“For a few shows in Europe we played this song just before hitting stage. Great feeling!”

5. The Chemical Brothers – ‘Go’

“This has become one of the songs we play soon after leaving the stage to give the fans a nice energetic send off home.”

6. Coldplay – ‘Fix You’

“Emotional tune that puts it all in perspective.”

7. Pearl Jam – ‘Jeremy’

“One of the greatest music videos of all time in our opinion. Love that opening bass line that just sets the tone.”

8. Marvin Gaye – ‘Sexual Healing’

“Such solid mood setter. This song always brings a smile to our faces.”

9. Sam Cooke – ‘A Change is Gonna Come’

“So much soul. Listening to this song feels like listening to history.”

10. Goo Goo Dolls – ‘Black Balloon’

“One of our favourite songs of all time. Something so perfect about that acoustic when it first comes in strumming.”

Check out Boyce Avenue’s website for upcoming tour dates, and follow them on YouTube for updates.

Road Less Traveled is out now via 3 Peace Records.

Boyce Avenue - Road Less Traveled