.dxf is an entity that celebrates the connection between French urban producer, Keight, and My Friend Is.

Following their first single ‘Efira‘ and first live show supporting D.R.A.M in Paris, the folk duo from the french capital returned with ‘Your Eyes‘, the second single from their forthcoming EP. “With this collaboration, we aim at creating a ‘negative folk’ music, where we blend our inspirations and intentions to craft what melancholic music in 2050 would look like,” say the duo, who are deeply influenced by artists such as Flying Lotus, Nosaj Thing, Nick Cave and Bon Iver. “For this list, we decided to show what kind of live performances from some of our favourite bands inspire us when we do live music.”

1. VR DJ

“How high do you have to be to do a show ? This High…” ~ My Friend Is

2. Francis And The Lights – ‘Friends ft Bon Iver and Chance The Rapper’ Live @ Eaux Claires

“I want to reach this kind of performance live with .dxf, this is so organic. Even is the notes aren’t perfect, the energy is incredible, there are people on stage who don’t act on the music actually and it doesn’t matter cause their presence make sense, they’re ‘Friends’.” ~ Keight

3. Dustin Wong Live @ Black Cat

“Folk guitar works put into meditative loops that gives an idea of our sonic future.” ~ My Friend Is

4. Bon Iver – ‘Heavenly Father’ (Acapella) Live @ The Sydney Opera House

“This video show what Folk Choirs at Olympic level look like.” ~ My Friend Is

5. Ichon – ‘Blue’ (Stud Live Sessions)

“Ichon is a really powerful artist I think: he got the voice, the presence, the mind and the face. This live version of ‘Blue’ with Sabrina Bellaouel and The Hop is mind-blowing to me.” ~ Keight

6. Chance The Rapper – ‘Paranoia’

“This is one of my favourite tracks ever; I think I cried when I saw this video for the first time.” ~ Keight

7. Epileptic Rapper

“When the real dedication to your goals shows on stage and you can perform no matter what.” ~ My Friend Is

8. Yngwie J. Malmsteen – ‘Rising Force’ (Live in Lenigrad)

“The swagger that everyone should crave for when going to a concert…” ~ My Friend Is

9. Stevie Nicks – ‘Edge Of Seventeen’

“Do I really need to say something for this?” ~ My Friend Is

10. Bo Burnham – ‘Lower Your Expectations/If You Want Love’

“Meta -Symbolic live music that feels your soul with funny shit…” ~ My Friend Is

‘Your Eyes’ is out now via Embrace Records.