Songwriter and artist, Jackie Tech, took the world of dance music by storm last year, with her debut single ‘You Can Have It All’. Hailing from cold Sweden, she lists her favourite tracks heating up the Pop scene right now, “This is basically the list I put on when I don’t want to take off my warm gloves to reach for my phone and switch song.”

1. Clara Mae – ‘I’m Not Her’

“This track is super catchy and I’m loving Clara’s voice and the lyrics. The concept of the video is also fascinating. Sneaking into your ex’s house and seeing what they’re up to, who hasn’t been playing around with that thought?”

2. SHY Martin – ‘Good Together’

“SHY Martin’s voice is such a perfect blend between power vocals and softness, and this dynamic track is the ideal playground for a voice like hers.”

3. Amanda Alexander – ‘Lördag’

“My dear friend and talented songwriter, Amanda Alexander, makes a big splash with this exciting tune that celebrates the peak of the weekend – Saturday! If you don’t speak Swedish and you’re eager to learn, Lördag means Saturday. Varsågod viking!”

4. Dagny – ‘Love You Like That’

“I’m so addicted to this song. It’s one of those where I’ve caught myself singing in public, people start staring and I’ll hesitate for a moment like, this is a bit embarrassing. But then two minutes later I’m all like, “You know how they say you got the real thing, when nothing else matters I love you like that…””

5. MØ – ‘When I Was Young’

“MØ is everything. I can’t think of anyone that has influenced me more during these last couple of years than this Danish delight. To top it off she also seems like a genuinely nice person who keeps both feet on the ground while still doing her own thing. This tune has a kickass video that reflects on the different stages of life and MØ draws inspiration from a painting called The Dance Of Life by Edvard Munch.”

6. Tove Lo – ‘Disco Tits’

“Wait a minute, forget what I said. Tove Lo is the one who’s influenced me the most during these last couple of years. Sorry, MØ. This song is funky, weird and packed with hooks. Basically, a box of candies. Nipples are hard.”

7. ARY – ‘Already There’

“I found this song not that long ago but boy am I glad I did. This chorus knocks my socks off and every time I hear it, it gets even better. ”I’m already theeeeeeere……””

8. Léon – ‘I Believe In Us’

“Find someone you love and make out to this song. Just do it.”

9. Sigrid – ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’

“I’m in awe of this Norwegian. This song is a real anthem that gives you the oomph to do your own thing and to claim your own space and happiness. Her mighty voice carries that message and the cracks on the occasional high notes at times is a real treat.”

10. Jackie Tech – ‘You Can Have It All (WYOMI Remix)’

“Yes, yes I know this is me, but I just had to shine a light on this Remix by the Swedish Trio WYOMI. It’s sublime, quirky Future Bass at its best. I’m totally impartial of course.”

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