LA singer-songwriter, Jimmy Sweet, has just released a melancholy cover of Buzzocks’ ‘You Say You Don’t Love Me’, ahead of his original material coming up in 2018. “I have a place in my heart for the over dramatic,” says Sweet, who writes love songs and uses sweeping strings and a gospel choir to get his message through.

A staple on the Los Angeles music scene for years, Sweet also plays in the hugely popular cover band The Goodtime Boys with members of Fleet Foxes, Hot Hot Heat, The Heavy and The Growlers. Sweet got his start playing with Rolan Bolan (son of glam rock icon Marc Bolan of T.Rex) and legendary San Francisco garage rock band The Richmond Sluts.

Listen to Jimmy Sweet’s debut single HERE, and check out his Top 10 ‘70s Glitter Rock Songs.

1. T. Rex – ‘Hot Love’

“This is the song and TOTP performance that started it all.”

2. Slade – ‘How Does It Feel’

“From the movie Slade In Flame. It has a real Beatles vibe to it.”

3. Roxy Music – ‘Mother Of Pearl’

“The beginning is OK, but the end part….HOLY F..K!!!!”

4. David Bowie – ‘Time’

“This happens to be my favorite Bowie song ever. I just love the guitar work by Mick Ronson.”

5. Alvin Stardust – ‘Jealous Mind’

“Elvis meets Bowie. ‘Nuff said.”

6. Dr. Frank-N-Furter (Tim Curry) – ‘I’m Going Home’

“From the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack. I know it’s not typical ‘Glitter Rock’, but to me it’s the final glam album that signifies the movement.”

7. The Rubbettes – ‘Sugar Baby Love’

“The production on this record is undisputed.”

8. The Glitter Band – ‘Let’s Get Together Again’

“This is after Gary Glitter left the band. This is the song to put on before you go out. You’ll be clapping your hand and stomping your feet all the way to the party.”

9. Fox – ‘S-S-S-Single Bed’

“Love the story of a girl telling the guy to hit the bricks. ‘Can’t sleep here baby’ hahahaha…”

10. Wizzard – ‘See My Baby Jive’

Roy Wood after ELO. So much going on. You can listen over and over and find a new instrument each time.”

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Find Jimmy Sweet’s playlist HERE.

‘You Say You Don’t Love Me’ is out now.

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