Louise Udin aka LOUUD is a Swedish artist based in London. Her debut single ‘Fools’ was released last year and this March she followed up with ‘Out Of Love’. “The song is about realizing that you’re over someone and that you’re ready to move on. I always listen to break up songs when I’m going through a difficult time (I listen to them when life’s good as well, I’m a sucker for heartbreak pop) so I wanted to write my own breakup anthem to help me get through those times and maybe even help someone else who might listen.”

Listen to ‘Out of Love’ here and check out LOUUD’s top 10 heartbreak pop tunes below.

1. Marlene – ‘Miss You A Little’

‘’I keep searching your side of the bed, got your memory on my fingertips. This track is just a perfect combination of catchy melodies, heartbroken lyrics and amazing vocal arrangements.”

2. Anna Of The North – ‘Lovers’

‘’I first discovered Anna Of The North last year and I’m in love with their debut album, Lovers. This is the title track from the album and the combination of the atmospheric production and Anna Lotterud’s ethereal vocals is heaven.”

3. Tove Lo – ‘Habits’

“You’re gone and I got to stay high all the time, to keep you off my mind. Tove Lo is one of my biggest musical inspirations and ’Habits’ was the first track I heard by her back in 2013. I love how she describes missing someone and feeling like you can’t live without them so cleverly.”

4. LÉON – ‘Liar’

”The lyrics in this song are so honest and vulnerable, you can really feel the pain she’s going through. And that paired with LÉON´s incredible vocals makes ‘Liar’ one of my all time favourite ballads.”

5. Robyn – ‘With Every Heartbeat’

”This collaboration between Kleerup and Robyn is iconic for me. Robyn’s delicate vocals combined with the beautiful string arrangements and Kleerup’s production is a perfect match. This is one of those songs that you can both cry and dance to.”

6. Astrid S – ‘Hurts So Good’

When it hurts, but it hurts so good. Do you take it? Do you break it off? I love this track by Astrid S, it’s so catchy and I love the production.”

7. Hannah Jane Lewis – ‘Aftershock’

”I love this song by Hannah Jane Lewis because it’s so relatable and she describes the feeling of thinking you’re over someone until you see them with someone else so well.”

8. MØ – ‘Don’t Leave’

I may not ever get my shit together, but ain’t nobody gonna love you better. I’m obsessed with MØ’s voice and songwriting and in this song you can just hear the desperation in her voice when she tries to win the one she loves back.”

9. Troye Sivan – ‘Fools’

”Troye’s chilled vocals, the dreamy synths and the lyrics makes this song about falling for the wrong person so catchy and relatable.”

10. Charlotte Lawrence, Nina Nesbitt, Sasha Sloan – ‘Psychopath’

You keep saying that I’m crazy not to take you back. But if that makes me crazy, you’re a psychopath. These three women making a song together is just pure girl-power. I love the sassy vibe.”

‘Out of Love’ is out now. Listen HERE.

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