Fiercely glamorous artist, Lux Lyall recently shared her fourth single, ‘Mad With The Moon’ – a complex and swirling storm of delicate guitars, tasteful piano, stunning orchestral tones and sultry vocals. Themes of heartache and acceptance are enveloped in a vast cinematic landscape, as Lyall delicately uproots her emotions and shines a bright light on the importance of self-love and growth.

“I started writing ‘Mad With The Moon’ after coming out of a terrible relationship,” explains Lyall. “It began as a heartbreaky ballad but over time it’s shifted from being about a break-up to being my way of refusing to apologise for my determination. It became progressively faster and angrier and ended up as a ‘fuck you’ song. If anyone I’m dating can’t keep up with me that’s on them.”

‘Mad With The Moon’ comes ahead of debut album, VAMP, due on April 24th. Produced by Drew Richards, the long-player boasts an evocative style that is sweet with a hint of menace, drawing elements of old Hollywood noir charm and alt-pop that is driven by life’s experiences, fierce femmes and her mind’s fantasies.

VAMP is a document of my (relatively unstable) personal journey so far. Music anchors me. It’s how I try to keep a grip on things and make sense of myself,” she reveals.

Lux Lyall has put her own twist on our weekly Ask the DJ feature, with each song collectively forming the soundtrack to her script of an abstract teenage nightmare, giving the reader an insight into her artistic world.  

1. Artie Shaw – ‘Nightmare

“A delicate, long fingered hand, in crimson elbow length gloves, takes a cigarette from a beaten-up paper pack of Lucky’s. We hear it being lit, a woman exhales tiredly, and a sigh.

“In front of this dainty but beautifully gloved paw is a table, upon which is a full glass of red wine, a switchblade, an incantation and a half-eaten plate of strawberries.

“Our mystery woman gently pulls the glove off, tugging one finger loose at a time, and tosses it onto the table. Objects scatter. She stubs out her cigarette on her palm and it burns straight through leaving a small cigarette burn shaped window in the centre of her hand. The hand is lifted to the screen, we zoom in, and the window gets closer till finally we’re looking through it. 

“We see a keyhole shaped frame and inside this frame a three-headed woman peels and eats a tangerine, nonchalantly tossing the skin on the floor.”

2. David Bowie – ‘Queen Bitch’

“A very similar hand to the one we’ve just seen slides across a bedside table in search for the off button on the blaring alarm. 

“Our heroine is asleep face down in her teenage bedroom. There’s a pair of red gloves flung over the headboard.

“She reluctantly rolls out of bed and begins getting ready for school. She feeds her pet Mongoose and eats breakfast with the 2 mannequins propped up at the breakfast table, all within the neighbours’ view.

“Her parents went on a business trip three months ago & she has no clue where they are. But she’s handling it fine.”

3. David Lynch – ‘I Know’

“We follow our heroine on her cold and bleak walk to school. She’s dragging her feet. Even across busy roads.

“Her dress is a simple ill-fitting school uniform. With elbow length red gloves. She’s gonna get shit for that. It’s high school!

“Cut to a school hallway. Our heroine walks through a busy hall in slow motion, alone, on her left some girls are laughing at her. On the right a group of boys are doing that armpit fart thing. 

“Everyone’s an asshole. Its high school! 

“We follow a slow-motion sequence detailing her day at school. She writes song lyrics instead of taking notes. She still can’t take part in phys ed. She has a note. (Its forged.) It just says she has her period indefinitely. Therefore, she can never ever take part in PE. Ever again.”

4. Tom Waits – ‘Watch Her Disappear’

“Cut to our Heroine pushing what appears to be a love note through the vent in a locker. 

“The object of her affection is, yes you guessed it. An asshole. It’s high school!

[Said object peaks in school. He’s now losing his hair and dresses like he should work at a bowling alley. And he would, gladly, if one would hire him.)

“Our Heroine nervously shuffles out the school doors and makes her way home.

“For a brief moment, from the corner of her eye, she spots a group of three young women, possibly in the grade above her. Their uniforms fit beautifully. Their hair cascades down their backs effortlessly. Raven black, Auburn, Mahogany.

“They smile at her shyly. She smiles back. She cannot recall seeing them before.” 

5. Barrie James O’Neill – ‘Murder Murder’

“Our heroine walks home in shades of blue and grey. She’s clearly concerned about the love letter, but also trying to figure out who the mysterious group of girls are. Books clutched to her chest she puts on her headphones and hits play.

“The heartache. The yearning. The crying into her pillow. The romanticising of the Absolute Dickhead™ by picturing him being kind in a way he never will be, to the soundtrack of music that he was never good enough to know.”

6: PJ Harvey – ‘Rid Of Me’

“Our Heroine shows up at school weary and sleep deprived to find the Absolute Dickhead™ reading her heartfelt, and let’s be real, kinda lame, love letter to a small crowd of assholes. 


“Our Heroine makes a quick exit, the watchful eyes of the three mystery girls burning holes into her back as she escapes.”

7. Lalleshwari (Katie Jane Garside) – ‘Dark Angel’

“Scene opens on our Heroine in her candlelit bedroom, spell books splayed out as she weeps violently while trying to pull together some kind of revenge spell. Some kind of “that’ll teach him” number.

“Her red gloves stained with oils and potions, a forgotten cigarette smouldering in a coffee cup. Our Heroine haphazardly throws together a potion intended to make Absolute Dickhead™ pay. 

“She concocts a cocktail so strong that (unbeknownst to her) it is in fact, lethal. Cheers, asshole.”

8. Hole – ‘Use Once & Destroy’

“Our brave and extremely agitated Heroine is in desperate need of under eye concealer as she stomps her way through the school hallway in slow motion, potion clutched in her gloved hand.

“Shit’s about to go down.

“On either side of her, her peers (yeah, still assholes) are clearing a path like ‘Rejected Loser’ can be transferable through touch. As she approaches Absolute Dickhead™ with her potion at the ready she trips over her boots (she’s like that) and crashes to the ground dousing herself with the revenge potion! It kills her instantly. Her peers stand in a circle and chuckle for a solid 10 minutes before alerting anyone (you know, assholes).”

9. Lana Del Rey – ‘Cruel World’

“Our Three Mystery Maidens round the corner at exactly this moment. Their linked arms suddenly fall to their sides as they catch a glimpse of our (clumsy ass) Heroine’s corpse. Cut to the four girls (three girls, one corpse, whatever) speeding towards the woods in a bubblegum pink convertible. ‘Cruel World’ by Lana Del Rey blares out of the car stereo. Our Heroine is dead in the back seat, her head lolling in the lap of the redhead (Abbey) while the brunettes (Molly, Allison) sit in the passenger and driver seat, respectively. Allison is gunning it down the road. 

“Cut to a ritual in the woods in which The Three Mystery Maidens (we know their names now but still. Mysterious.) resurrect our Heroine in the woods. It’s kinda like the craft, but they have better hair and outfits.

“Cruel World continues playing as our Heroine coughs up a bunch of weird sludge and comes to.” 

10. Patience & Prudence – ‘Tonight You Belong To Me’

“Our girls make a break for it all together. They hop in the car, pick up the mongoose, and head for…wherever.

“Our closing scene finds four girls, sitting on the hood of a bubblegum pink caddy, looking up at the moon, heads resting on shoulders, bottles being passed, mongoose being squiggly and furry as they are, and the kinda bliss that only comes with realising theres nothing like having sisters.

“’Patience & Prudence’ is playing softly on the car stereo.” 


Lux Lyall’s ‘Mad With The Moon’ is out now. Watch the video HERE.

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