Rachel K Collier delivers a fierce groove and soaring vocal vibes with her latest single, ‘Paper Tiger‘, released just last month.

“Lyrically, it’s about all those Ego Maniacs who definitely are not who they think they are,” explains the artist. “I spent a while in the studio trying to nail the production and enhance the emotions behind the lyrics with a more intense instrumental.”

The sophisticated production demonstrates Collier’s increasing skills as an electronic producer, and also inspired her playlist for FMS, “Now I’m finally releasing self-produced records, I have much respect for all the female artists and producers who kick ass at being themselves! These ten tunes are some of my established favourites- a variety of electronica, all with good grooves, vocals and vibes. Special shout out to Grimes and Tokimonsta for the slick production skills.”

1. Tokimonsta – ‘Steal My Attention’

“LA chick and producer, Tokimonsta, working it for the female producers!”

2. Santigold – ‘Disparate Youth’

“The Heroic riff and beat, combined with gritty vocal make this a no-fail pick me up tune!”

3. Grimes – ‘Genesis’

“No other track in the world like this!”

4. Little Dragon – ‘Sunshine’

“Synths and super electro sounds hit the spot for me every time.”

5. Anna of The North – ‘The Dreamer’

“Super cute vocals and empowering on every listen.”

6. Liv Dawson – Still

“Garage vibes combined with Liv’s smooth emotional vocals – beautiful track.”

7. Robyn – ‘Dancing On My Own’

“Scandi Pop Queen, Robyn, telling it exactly how it is – I love the honestly in these lyrics…”

8. Goldfrapp – ‘Rocket’

“Big ‘80s feel and the best way of saying bye bye, ever: ‘I’ve got a rocket – you’re going on it.’”

9. Miloux – ‘Me And Mine’

“Dark and chromatic, brave and bold! Love this from Kiwi girl, Miloux.”

10. Nao – ‘Inhale Exhale’

“Super unique – you know instantly when you hear her lush vocal tone exactly who’s singing.”

‘Paper Tiger’ is out now via NIF Records/Kobalt.

Rachel K Collier - Paper Tiger