Salt Cathedral‘s latest single ‘No Love’ is taken from their upcoming debut album, which promises to be steeped in island sounds and boast a unique approach to genre bending. “We want to re-define what it means to be Latino in an American culture,” say the Columbian duo, Juli and Nico. “To be part of the conversation while making meaningful music that can transform our roots and influences into something new.”

As for their playlist, “This is a selection of songs that we love to listen while we walk in NYC. It’s very a personal selection that reflects certain moods that we have experienced in this chaotic and incredible city.” Check it out.

1. Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie xx – ‘NY Is Killing Me’

“This song is a weird example of how beauty and a sensation of stress can interact and create something really outstanding. It’s a cliché putting this song on this playlist but I´ve walked around the city with this song on and it feels good to have some sonic empathy at times.”

2. Sister Nancy – ‘BAM BAM’

“Living in Bedstuy, Brooklyn we tend to listen to a lot of reggae and dancehall in the streets and ‘BAM BAM’ is one of those songs that it keeps coming back to our lives. Such a legendary tune.”

3. Caribou – ‘Hello Hammerheads’

“This is a really beautiful song that that I’ve never paid attention to the lyrics (until now, pretty sad) but I love the sensation of warmth and nostalgia that gives me.”

4. Pamelo Mounk’a – ‘Ce n’est que mas secrétaire’

“Walking around and digging in record shops is one my favorite things to do. You can find gems like the music of Pamelo Mounk’a. His music has the joyful element that makes life a little bit more bearable.”

5. 21 Savage – ‘Bank Account’

“You gotta trap sometimes (maybe all the time).”

6. Duendita – ‘pray’

“Duendita is one of my favourite new artists! Her deep jazz voice is unlike anything you’ve heard. This is the song I’ll be singing out loud while wearing headphones in the street and people probably think I’m crazy. I like when she says “grab the first human being you see/tell them you love them” – I imagine what it would be like to randomly do that out and about in NY.”

7. Four Tet – ‘Planet’

“Walks in NY can be very long and meditative, it takes 15 minutes to get from my house to the train. This seven minute song is very meditative and transports me to a foreign land, feels I’m in a trance every single time.”


“This one (and honestly a lot of BROCKHAMPTON) I like to play really loud when I walk around Crown Heights and Fort Green in Brooklyn. The rawness and realness of hip-hop and that of Brooklyn are very similar. My favourite part is when it says “I need that honey buttaaah,” I wait for it every time.”

9. Thom Yorke – ‘YouWouldn’tLikeMeWhenI’mAngry’

“You know that feeling of knowing that in context you are so small and insignificant but somehow the universe in you head feels so vast and so important? This is what this songs makes me feel when I listen to it as I walk down a busy New York street, it’s introspective and perfectly scores that feeling of exploring your individuality in a pool of people.”

10. Kali Uchis – Tyrant (feat. Jorja Smith)

“This a sunny New York kind of song. It just puts me in such a good mood, it’s laid-back and fun and just makes do this small dance-like movement while I walk. Kali Uchis is a fellow Colombian and I really admire her strong female attitude.”

‘No Love’ is out now via Ultra Records. Listen HERE.

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