Making music is its own reward for London’s multi-talented musician/producer, Vinzenz Stergin. Teamed with versatile drummer, Adam Betts (Squarepusher, Three Trapped Tigers), Stergin are Naim Records’ latest signing, a band who combine blues, rock, electronics and modern composition in a way that defies musical boundaries and gleefully breaks rules.

Vinzenz grew up in the Austrian mountains, studied classical clarinet, worked for a human rights organisation in Los Angeles, started a rock band and sang in choirs before going on to study contemporary composition, “I’m a work in progress,” said the artist, “and I love it.”

He has since cemented his importance on London’s alt-pop meets alt-rock scene by way of various creative and increasingly mad video concepts, including the recent ‘I’m Gonna Take It All‘.

Check out the Top 10 tracks that may well be disturbing his neighbours…

1. Peter Fox – ‘Alles Neu’

“His phrasing is so cool and smooth. This track is a good choice for Monday morning to start your week with your neighbours. Alles Neu means everything new. Just be sure to listen to it very loud. If you don’t understand the lyrics, it doesn’t matter.”

2. Animal Collective – ‘Floridada’

“The multiple vocal lines, fast vocals combined with the low percussive bass synths makes me feel like being in the middle of a swamp. It’s like hundreds of creatures running around but all of them are having a great time and are nice to each other. Good for starting Friday/Saturday night just before you leave the house to get you set up for a fun night. It’s especially fun to listen to when you’re actually standing in a swamp.”

3. Brushy One String – ‘Chicken In the Corn’

“Makes me feel good instantly and shows that all you need is vibes. Watch out for the moment when his mates join in, love that. I always join in as well then… even your neighbours might join in or call the police. But then the police might join in. You’ll never know until you try it out. Let me know how it went.”

4. Cornelius – ‘Music’

“Cornelius is Japanese. Because of his music I want to go to Japan. The way he produces has such a strong signature and also his videos are very inspiring to me. You could listen to this in your lunch break to set things in perspective if you’re worrying too much about life.”

5. Jon Hopkins – ‘We Disappear’

“This track made me want to explore and write more electronically produced music. Still discovering sounds in there.”

6. Bonzai – ‘Kassi’

“Listen to the percussive bass drums. The whole track is produced so well and it’s very creative. When listening loud it also makes things move around in your flat, actually your whole place vibrates. It’s produced by John Calvert, a really nice dude.”

7. Cristobal Tapia de Veer – ‘Utopia Overture’

“This is a piece out of the soundtrack of the TV show, Utopia (2014). It’s such a haunting soundtrack and all the acoustic sounds are so unique. I also like how it travels and somehow it ends up in a very cool Reggae beat. Cristobal is a very interesting composer.”

8. Arvo Pärt – ‘Fratres’

“This composition is a ticket to travel through the universe in your mind. All you need to do take 10 minutes and close your eyes.”

9. The Mattoid – ‘Party Time’

“Put it on anywhere in any situation and it always does what it says.”

10. Sophie – ‘Lemonade’

“A fun and very to the point track that might result in your bathtub going through the floor into your neighbour’s bathroom. Use your bass woofers with caution!”

Stergin just released his debut single Bloodmoon via Naim Records. You can check it out HERE.

His debut EP, Caramel Tony In Her Pleasuredome, is to be released in autumn this year.

Watch out on his YouTube channel for another series of his Monday Evening Bathroom Sessions.