Winter Trends @ London Fashion Weekend AW16/17

Sibling AW16 (c) Chris PatmoreWinter Trends AW16/17 (c) Chris Patmore

As the consumer arm of London Fashion Week, London Fashion Weekend is one of the most exciting fashion events of the year.

Following directly after the world renowned industry event, London Fashion Weekend presents the upcoming season’s collections and trends, giving access to the otherwise exclusive fashion shows and happenings to ardent followers of fashion. Every season, crowds of fashionistas buy tickets in advance, and queue for hours to get good seats for the catwalk shows. This year London Fashion Weekend took place in the Saatchi Gallery and… we were there too!

We headed to London Fashion Weekend on Saturday 24th September to check out the autumn/winter 2016/17 collections, and upcoming winter trends. The first event we had the pleasure to attend was the Sibling fashion show. The Sibling brand is well known for their leopard prints, striped and colourful collections. Every season the brand surprises with more extravagant and brave pieces, and of course this time they did not disappoint either.

While menswear saw primary colours mixed with black, the standout colour for women was… purple! Designers, Sid Bryan and Cozette McCreery, presented coats, dresses and scarves in bright purple, along with transparent dresses, shorts, stretched T-shirts and sweaters. Meanwhile, men were gym ready with bare chests and boxing gloves to boot!

The winter trends show was much less brave than the Sibling collection. Colours were more elegant and toned, in dark velvet, navy blue or dark burgundy, with lots of long elegant dresses, in a romantic Valentino or Dior style.

London Fashion Weekend is definitely worth a visit for fashion lovers, who don’t get to see the shows presented to industry during London Fashion Week. In addition to catwalk shows, there are fashion talks and presentations to inspire consumers, leaving guests with plenty of ideas on how to work the upcoming trends. Check out their website for more details.

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Words: Dobrawa Zowislo
Photos: Chris Patmore