BALIBART: Art to Go at London’s Old Street Tube Station

Alexander Grahovsky - 'Mid Afternoon At The Plastic Garden'Alexander Grahovsky - 'See Me See Me'Ali Gulec - 'Skull VII'Ali Gulec - 'The Cat'Ali Gulec - 'Vintage Skull'Amit Shimoni - 'Gandhi'Amit Shimoni - 'Queen Elizabeth'Anna Dorfman - 'Sweetness'Balazs Solti - 'All You Need Is Love'Cam Floyd - 'Olfactory'Elisabeth Fredriksson - 'All You Need Is Love'Eric Petersen - 'Look At The Results'Greg Guillemin - 'Spider Food'Greg Guillemin - 'Wonder Banana'Greg Guillemin - 'Banner Painkiller'Jesse Treece - 'Is This The Place They Call Paradise'Julia Geiser - 'Berg'By Leonard CombierBy Leonard CombierMiraruido - 'Astronaut'Miraruido - 'Lost'Morgan Kendall - 'Bear'Quibe - 'Darth Vador'Quibe - 'Nude'Rahma Projekt - 'Just Another Brick in the Wall'Rahma Projekt - 'Light My Fire'Robert Garkas - 'Tropical Tiger'Rubiant - 'Blood and Gold'Rubiant - 'Star Walker'Sammy Slabbinck - 'It's Time'Sammy Slabbinck - 'Silent Rescue'Sammy Slabbinck - 'Solid Advice'Sammy Slabbinck - 'The Big Push'Words Brand - 'Create Something'

Londoners after a last minute Christmas gift can now pick up a stunning piece of artwork on the daily commute.

BALIBART‘s pop-up shop will be housed at Old Street tube station until December 24th, showcasing 50 artist’s works from the 200 artists and illustrators featured on its website, including: prints, greeting cards, polaroids and art books.

Since September 2014, Balibart has represented a community of hundreds of talented illustrators from all over the world. All art prints are edited on Fine Art or Canvas paper and available as limited editions, delivered with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.

“We were tired of seeing the same Ikea poster at all our friends house,” said founder, Maxime Delmotte. “We truly believe we deserve better than a regular poster. Authentic and unique art should be affordable for everyone. That’s why we created Balibart: to introduce art in your daily life. An art print today, an art book tomorrow, and soon a coloured cup of tea, an original pillow, a trendy iPhone case, all designed by our artists.”

BALIBART’s pop-up shop is open at London’s Old Street Tube Station until 24th December, 2015.

Mon-Fri, 8am-7pm; Sat & Sun, 10am-6pm

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