Box Galleries Presents ‘Entwined’ by Lauren Baker

Lauren Baker | Artist

Lauren Baker | Artist

This February sees the launch of Lauren Baker‘s solo show at Box Galleries in London’s Chelsea.

Entwined is a new collection of artworks exploring the tantric energy of entwined souls and love. The works include Baker’s original neon pieces, limited-edition hand-embellished prints and abstract mixed media works.

Earlier this year Baker studied Tantra in Guatemala. Taking inspiration from the Sanskrit word ‘Tantra’ which means ‘woven union’, Baker’s new abstract works interweave a plethora of materials creating the illusion of an energetic dance. Revealing her soul on this 3-D plane for all to see, Baker’s artistic messages are explosive and direct in style.

“New pieces explore the magical spark of love, lust and connectedness,” says the artist, before commenting on the ambience of mysterious darkness in some of the abstract works: “When exploring profound energies, a certain darkness is needed to see the light.”

“Lauren pushes her creative boundaries and the work is experimental, provocative and meticulously executed,” adds Box Galleries curator, Emma Moir.

Box Galleries presents artwork by some of the biggest names in the art world, including Damien Hirst, Roy Lichtenstein, Russell Young and Andy Warhol. In recent years they have also showcased a diverse collection of new contemporary artists from South African Wildlife Artist, Cabtography; Wildlife Sculptor, Michael Turner; French Pop Artist, Richard Zarzi, and Superhero Spray Paint Artist, Rich Simmons.

Lauren Baker’s Entwined | 3-23rd February 2017
Box Galleries | Kings Road, Chelsea, London SW10 OLJ