Born out of a chance introduction and their bond over the L-word, Don’t Be Such A Professional is the first comedy sketch released by DBSA.TV – a new YouTube channel formed by Katie Cowell and Jana Dowling.

Combining their collective experiences of acting, producing, procuring favours and basic editing skills Jana and Katie decided to channel this into writing and directing comedy sketches.

Jana originally worked in TV and left to study acting. She tried marriage, played it straight and then realised that none of those things worked for her – so she crafted all of those experiences into a stand-up routine that she performs all over London.

Originally from Australia, Katie worked at the heart of the British establishment: The BBC and was part of their gay club (such a thing does exist). She now produces music videos and branded content.

In between chatting and facebook stalking, Jana and Katie meet once a week to write and procrastinate, but hopefully not too much of the latter with one new sketch a month in the diary.

Check it out and stay tuned for more from this comedy duo, over at DBSA.TV

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