Distortion: Techno, Rock & All Round Celebration

The annual five day celebration of Distortion Copenhagen is still evolving by the year. But not for the worse.

It’s the first morning and the cars are almost wiped from my street. A bass is already pumping and sounds of metal racks are clanging. My pulse is up. Even though I sit in my living room trying to work. My dog is nervous and pees on the floor. More and more voices appear.

I don’t have any plans. It’s like Christmas when you were little. Waiting. The suspense is nerve wrecking, though you don’t know what’s in store for you. On my early walk, all the people I pass are either babbling about where or with whom to meet. A few look annoyed, but this is the cost of living in a city like Copenhagen.

I finish my morning rituals and take off to get my bike out of this war zone, before it’s too late.

Most of Nørrebrogade is blocked off to cars. Walls of speakers, portable bars and stages are being built up in the middle of the streets, the bike lanes and the side walks.

As I approach my home street, Poppelgade, I find it’s no exception. The major stereos are blasting directly towards my place.

I later push myself through the swarming crowd of the Danish capital, and as the sun beams down with it’s last invigorating light it occurs to me that Distortion must be one of the most peaceful events of this calibre. In spite of the tightly packed crowds in the narrow streets, techno concerts and extensive intake of alcohol, I’ve not seen or heard of any violence or provoking behaviour.

People dress up, but it’s not compulsory. People drink, but it’s not necessary. People bring kids and go home early, people stay out until the morning and share a cab home.

DISTORTION OFFICIAL STREET PARTY AFTERMOVIE Det er fantastisk. I er fantastiske. Gadearmbåndet er stadig til salg. Køb det, så vi kan gøre gadefesterne endnu mere magiske næste år: http://www.billetlugen.dk/da/event/gadearmbaand#Video by Rasmus G. Sejersen www.sejersenkbh.dkMusic by ELOQ: Club One.

Posted by DISTORTION on Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Distortion Nørrebro marks the launch of the enormous street parties where everyone comes to show off their funny clothes and shiny sunglasses. The masses are not as intense as last year’s street party – maybe due to the weather that is a bit too windy. But when the sun is shining, dancing in the streets is always possible.

Nørrebro was matched by Vesterbro’s street party, which included an even broader spectrum of genres. The classic rock’n’roll bar Simpelt V on main street, Istedgade, hosted a stage with both up-and-coming and established rock bands.

This year’s two-day finale on the small island of Refshale Island, in old industrial settings, is also a party crowd puller – in spite of its remoteness away from the city. Here the hardcore party goers come to get carried away by trance and techno from sunset until sunrise.

The Red Bull Music Academy Stage was the only indoor location – an enormous hall with climbing walls, terraces and a major stage. Outside were many smaller stages and a so-called Tekno Tunnel of smoke, heat and hypnotized hipsters.

And for those who didn’t feel like going home at six in the morning – another more comfy area opened with yet another electronic stage and three open bars until Sunday finally faded away.

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Words: Maria Viskinde
Photos: Anna Viskinde
Video: Courtesy of Royal Beer