DNA (Discover New Artists) returns this year with a fusion of Music and Art.

Taking place again at Magnet Club in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district, the event – which debuted last year, pulling in over 1,000 visitors – is back with a great line up of new bands, while exhibiting works of art from Berlin’s ‘Stattlab Collective’. The theme will be art influenced by album covers.

FMS has 2×2 tickets to give away for the event. Just be the first to comment on the DNA BLN post on our Facebook page.

Our highlights for the evening are Metryk, who just released their debut EP Gold Of Pleasure, and We Love Machines.

~ 22:00 Metryk (DE)
~ 22:30 Candice Gordon (IE/DE)
~ 23:00 Lion Sphere (DE)
~ 23:30 We Love Machines (CH/DE)
~ 00:00 RIDEAU (SE)
~ 00:30 Autist (DE) | autist.tv

~ ODXT (Dean Rosenzweig)

~ dev01ded | www.dev01ded.com

~ Frau Kuß | http://druck.frau-kuss.de/
~ Saskia Hahn | www.saskiaart.com
~ NINE | www.vertigorama.com
~ Sam Smernicki
~ Tilman Vogler | www.tilmanvogler.com
~ Stefan Senger
~ HWV | www.lichtdicht.de
~ Christin Penz | www.christinpenz.de
~ Mimi Vieuble


Words: Grant Box